Ablonczy demoted?


Global’s Shirlee Engel says Diane Ablonczy is still the minister of state for tourism, but is no longer in charge of the Marquee Tourism Events Program. Which makes perfect sense.

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Ablonczy demoted?

  1. I am so confused.

  2. That's actually what I assumed when I read the earlier post about Akin and Delcourt saying that she was still in charge of tourism.

  3. It actually does make perfect sense, if we accept the explanation that Ablonczy's office wasn't equipped to handle the extra workload of the Marquee Program.

    • True enough.

      Of course, the problem (as you imply) is when the explanation that makes perfect sense is the SECOND explanation that the public hears. Even if it's true, good luck to the Tories convincing everyone that "No, no, what Trost said in that interview isn't true. We didn't remove the program from her portfolio because we didn't like that she funded the Pride parade, we did it because her staff was overwhelmed. It's just a total coincidence that many members of our caucus don't like that she funded the Pride parade.

      Even if it really is a coincidence (which I personally doubt, but whatever) Trost has ensured that any explanation for the program being taken away from Ablonczy other than the one that he offered will be seen as a cover-up of the "real" reason.

      • It was certainly a stupid thing for Trost to imply, and I'm open to the possibility that when Trost was challenged by that Christian editor on the Pride funding, Trost may have just just blurted out the first lame excuse that popped into his tiny backbencher mind.

        "Yeah, we were surprised by that too – Ablonczy pulled a fast one on us." That sort of thing.