Absent Wells, brows perched low and high


Here in Afghanistan (for that is where my assignment has taken me, for the last several days and a few more), internet access is spotty and not exactly zippy. You rarely hear about that because apparently there are other problems too. Anyway, I am sorry I have not been blogging much. Indeed I’m not really blogging now, except to steer you toward two pieces I wrote for the print edition. Both were finished before the current coalition unpleasantness. The first had a long “lead time” imposed by production deadlines for our super-fabulous Newsmakers issue. The other just took a long time to research. Here:

Don’t read them both at once! They have to tide you over to the weekend. I miss you all.


Absent Wells, brows perched low and high

  1. You are missed here. Sorry about the snide remarks.

    Keep your head down.

    Also, do you hold to the position — as I do — that fighting the “Taliban” in 2008 with deterring another 9/11 style attack, as these are simply not the same people, and we should get the hell out of there, asap?

  2. er, sorry, mean to say that:

    “…fighting the “Taliban” in 2008 has nothing to do with deterring another 9/11 style attack.”

  3. All will be revealed once I get home. It simply makes no sense for me to dribble out my observations instead of listening and looking as much as I can, then thinking on it a bit before I write. Even then, I hope nobody will think whatever I write should be taken as definitive.

    In the meantime, go read the other stuff. I’m absurdly fond of the orchestral piece.

  4. It simply makes no sense for me to dribble out my observations instead of listening and looking as much as I can, then thinking on it a bit before I write.

    Actually it makes a great deal of sense to dribble out a few broad observations simply because the reader feedback–if you have time to read it–will give you some ideas of what to observe that you might not have thought of.

    Just as an example, I for one would like to know what the people of Afghanistan are doing for a living. Are they mostly just working in industries that serve to meet the needs of foreigners?

  5. Ok. I’ve done as you requested and read the pieces. The first is funny, if somewhat willowy. The second is sad but also funny in an archly willowy kind of way.

    Now. May I ask a question ? With the understanding that you may not respond – at least in this space.

    Is there any disturbance over there at the news that the most recent boost in American troop levels will not be assigned to assist in the Kandahar area, but instead will be assigned to protect the Kabul environs in what is clearly a deteriorating situation ?

  6. The journos are running amok on this coalition thing without you to lead by carefully considered example, Mr. Wells! Please return!

    There should be a bat signal or sumthin’

  7. Hold on — are you being allowed “outside the wire,” or are you stuck at KAF?

  8. Am printing out orchestra piece and taking it to café! A sunny but absurdly cold day here in TO.

  9. Afghanistan? Is that ground zero for the Peter MacKay Campaign?

  10. Crap! I read them both at once. I need to learn to control myself.
    The Bond one was, in fact, rather amusing. The other was, I’m sure, very interesting to those who know something about Canadian orchestras, amongst who’s numbers I cannot count myself.
    I don’t know how you expected us to be able to ration ourselves… thats like putting a gram bag of coke in front of a coke fiend and telling them to make sure it lasts them a month. Just not happening.

  11. Stay safe, Paul. I look forward to hearing whatever you learn over there.

  12. Just read the Bond piece on the train.

    Looking forward to your observations when you get back.

    Stay safe Paul.

  13. Be safe.

  14. We miss you here, Paul.

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