Add another to the enemies list (II)


Michael Ignatieff selflessly beseeches the Prime Minister to spare the rest of the population and direct all anger at him.

I was shocked to read that Prime Minister Harper has again attacked a private citizen for expressing views on public policy that are perceived to be at odds with his government’s agenda. The Prime Minister’s behaviour is beneath the office he holds.  As an elected Member of Parliament, I am used to being on the receiving end of Mr. Harper’s style of politics.  But I draw the line at Mr. Harper’s attacks on members of the public.  The Prime Minister must withdraw these comments and apologize to Mr. Clark.

Whether or not one agrees with Mr. Clark’s advice, he is the CEO of one of Canada’s largest and most respected financial institutions, and he should be free to offer his opinion on Canada’s fiscal policy without fear of reprisal to his business or personal smears to his reputation from the Conservative government. This is the second time in a week that the Prime Minister has crossed the line in civil public discourse by maligning the reputation of a citizen for disagreeing with the Conservative government. Last week, former finance official Scott Clark was attacked by the Prime Minister, adding to the long list of non-partisans like Linda Keen, Peter Tinsley and Paul Kennedy who have been maliciously accused of partisanship for voicing their disagreement with his government’s policies.


Add another to the enemies list (II)

  1. Ha. Okay, kudos to Ignatieff on this one. He's found a way to increase awareness of one of the PMO's "shoot-yourself-in-the-foot" messages that simultaenously attacks Harper and portrays himself as a defender of Canadians.

    He's getting better.

    • agreed!
      with yesterday's letter to BC MPPs and today's demand for a functional Parliament & committee system in return for the extra sitting days, I am seeing signs of hope from the OLO.

      Iggy and all of us must repeat these litanies of failure and abuse endlessly (and creatively) to get through to the swing voters

    • Ed Clark doesn't support the troops.

  2. Perfect! Mr Ignatieff has provided the perfect glove-slap to Mr Harper.

  3. Good on Ignatieff for this.

  4. I'm glad to see the Liberals have found the tone Canadians expect from a Prime Minister in waiting. Keep it up, Mr. Ignatieff !!!

  5. Having panned yesterday's attempt, I feel obligated to tip my hat for this one.

    • Agreed. Rather than pissant, it's almost pleasant to me. …Almost.

    • Heh…obligated, what would make you feel that way?

      Agree with the analysis, though.

      • Like the frog, I harbour delusional fantasies of influence upon our national political classes.

        • I wonder if the delusional fantasies you mention are closely related to the
          partisan delerium phenomena identified a day or two ago by the frog…

    • Totally agree, this is very prime ministerial. Go with this scribe, Iggy.

    • yep. iggy actually played this one well!

  6. well done

  7. Good thing. The career politician Harper is a classless partisan; pointing this out on every occassion (and there are many) will rid the country of the blight currently occupying the PM office.
    I mean, isn't this the sort of thing they are paying Kinsella for?

    • I think this kind of intervention is more in the style of one Mr. Peter Donolo than Warren Kinsella.

    • they sent Kinsella packing (thank god)

      in fact, it may be one reason that we are finally hitting the right notes, much to the chagrin of your ilk, I see

      • I agree, NorthernPoV. Kinsella was a bit of a prop comic in that he allowed silly props and dumb stunts to get in the way of the message. Ever since Donolo showed Kinsella the door, the OLO has been hitting the right notes more often.

      • Whatever.
        Whoever is responsible ought to be congratulated. Finally, a Liberal strategist earning his salary. Should be easy against this group of hacks.

  8. Mr 'Red' Ed Clark,
    the high ranking civil servant to Energy Minister Lalonde,
    the Red Ed that spawned the NEP;
    and the same Red Ed that initiated the TD funded Suzuki foundations report on the Carbon Tax….
    and this is a new enemy? nah

    • You know how you could really stick it to "Red" Ed Clark?

      Raise the socialist's taxes!!!

      If he's so interested in helping out the nation, and the environment, and the little guy, perhaps he'd like to contribute some more to the effort himself, from his own deep pockets…

      Oh, wait…

  9. Kudos to Ignatieff for gallantly coming to the defense of influential plutocrats and concerned citizens like W. Edmund Clark, who was unfairly maligned by the governing party.

    • So are you suggesting that being successful means you are fair game for the gov't to attack?

  10. kudos to Mr Wherry for NOT posting on 'Liberal demands for Afgan detainee committee start up' in exchange for Liberal approval of 2 extra weeks work.

    Good move, seeing as on Jan 27, 2010,
    the government announced the Afghan detainee committee would resume work as soon as Parliament reconvenes in March.
    Liberal Feb 11th 'demands' were met 2 weeks ago already.

    • just like they promised fixed election dates and no prorogation this year

      • Do these flipflops rank up there with national daycare promised since 1993, Kyoto or bust, and killing the GST?

        • Yep, right up there with the new era of accountability.

        • Wilson, how about Transparency, Accountability and Honesty?

          To attack is Harper's style but yet it serves no purpose other than to make headlines.

          To attack the CEO of a Major Canadian bank and respected scholars is beyond belief

    • The letter from the Liberals posted on the G&M asks for the IMMEDIATE reconstitution of the afghan detainee committee.

      The Jan 27 statement from the government states : "Afghanistan remains a public policy priority and the special committee on Afghanistan will be reconstituted once the new session begins"

      • alll I see is Jane Tabers regurgitation of what Iffy demanded, and 'other' committes are to be resurrected within 3 sitting days,.
        the LPC website has nothing on it about this demand.
        Where is your link that the Afghan committee is to restart NOW?

      • Well, the letter also says ""our support in working through break weeks is not at issue", so I wouldn't presume, based on the premise of his post, that wilson's actually read the letter.


      (SHUT IT)

  11. Methinks that Con-Reasoning-froggie is attempting sarcasm!

  12. Thank you, Mr. Ignatieff, for restoring a tone of civility to Canadian politics in the face of Mr. Harper's attacks on private citizens and non-partisan officials.

  13. Also, that father of the dead soldier who Sparrow accused of being a Liberal shill for daring to criticize the government. Disgusting.

  14. OK, so you folks are not so fond of Ed.
    His buddies in the CEO club are well known for electing rabid socialists to be their leader, so we can't really blame you.

    To the barricades!

  15. Of course not. How did you get that from what I wrote?

  16. That 'private citizen' had no trouble jumping into the political arena.
    And Red Ed is by no shape or form a non-partisan.

    • And his devastating jump into the political arena? Suggesting that he, a rich banker, can afford to pay more taxes.

      The nerve.

      • Won't scarlet Steve just leave the governing to a professional, as opposed to his 'tony-soprano-wannabe' stunts?

    • Good point, Wilson.

      I don't have a full transcript of Clark's speech or copies of his other public pronouncements. Can help me find the times he has attacked Harper personally, called him names, denigrated his background for his policy views? Because that would be the nail in his coffin and make his "jumping into the political arena" almost somewhat equivalent to the reaction of the PMO against him.

      • Can you link to where 'Prime Minister Harper' attacked Red Ed 'personally'?

        • You first. Link to where Red Ed attacked the PMO and denigrated his background.

  17. I think the CEO of a major bank is fair game and in play for any sort of public criticism or comment on his views; he can defend himself just fine.

    What I don't think is reasonable is that a bunch of rabid ideologues in the PMO get to play partisan politics on the public's dime. Either get your pay from the Conservative Party of Canada or have the courage of your convictions to stand before the electorate.

    • And if they had kept to criticising his views, then I might agree with you.

      But they just can never help themselves and need to go for the personal attack every time.

  18. Probably because of your use of loaded language.

    • Please elaborate.

      • I think perhaps by loaded language he means "influential plutocrats". (lol)

        I for one am actually less impressed by Ignatieff's defense of a rich baker's right to express an opinion than I am of the Prime Minister's defense of a rich banker's right to keep all his gobs and gobs of hard earned money. Clearly the government will not allow rich bankers to pay more taxes to help eliminate the deficit, even if they insist. It's a bold and brave move to proclaim that we should all leave the rich bankers alone, as they plenty of taxes all ready, and that we shouldn't let the rich bankers try to convince us otherwise. Someone has to defend these poor people from themselves, or the next thing you know some poor befuddled banker will be beguiled by the socialists into lowering ATM fees.

        • This is why I spend so much of my day reading the comments here.

      • I was also unsure if your initiating post was serious or sarcastic…..gallantly……W Edmund Clark.

        Glad to know that you weren't being sarcastic.

  19. Actually, they rank worse. National Daycare, Kyoto or Bust and Killing the GST are all examples of a government not following through.

    Fixed Election Dates, Softwood Lumber, Proroguement, Michael Fortier, etc. are all examples of a government actively doing the exact opposite of what they said they would.

    • Yes, there is a hierarchy of political sin as you have pointed out so well. And Harper has achieved the pinnacle (nadir?) of political sin: The Income Trust (IT) broken promise.
      When McGuinty broke his no-new-tax promise and introduced a health-levy or when Chretian kept the GST, these broken promises affected everyone pretty much equally.
      Harper made unequivocal promises not to tamper with the IT tax situation. (As did the other parties including the governing Liberals). When he broke that promise, it hugely affected approximately 2M Canadians who had purchased or held the IT stocks based on the promises.

  20. This is the circling of the wagons mentality which we ALL should have left behind in the l7th century – this is the year 2010 – transparency and debate Canadians – the way to the future. We cant have one man and one party dictating on issues of great concern to Canadians – this is the way to the future – all minds must contribute to this democracy.

    • Crap. The Scientologists have found us.

      • Darn, I was hoping it was Doug Henning and the yogic flyers… there was a party with some great ideas in its platform!

  21. Where are the Conservative sycophants today? Have they ALL gone to the Olympics?

    • No.
      As Reality keeps promoting its Liberal bias, the trolls get despondent and watch Leave It to Beaver reruns.

      • Now I get that Red Ed fixation, it is the commie hunt all over again!

    • Hey, you wave the red cape and the bullsh!t shows up…. hey there's wilson now…..

  22. They are at TD closing accounts.

    • Did that immediately after Red Ed from the TD commissioned Suzuki to push the carbon tax as a 'good thing'.

      • Senator McCarthy,is that you?

      • Are you referring to the same carbon tax that ExxonMobil supports?
        The Stephen Harper Party is the only one offside on this. They should get with the program; the world needs proper leadership and it ain't coming from him.

      • Actually Clark said pretty much everyone in the room supported higher taxes…quit trying to hang this on one man Wilson. The room was hardly full of socialists.

      • TD funded the report. They did not influence the content. Your statement is a lie.

  23. Excellent response. Somebody has to stop this nonsense spouting from the Conservatives, and it appears that Iggy is stepping up.

  24. I can see the Tory attack ad now.

    "Bay Street Banker and CEO Ed Clark thinks that rich fat cats like him should pay more taxes. What's more, he says that a lot of his wealthy friends agree with the idea. Michael Ignatieff has even defended the suggestion of this millionaire and his well heeled buddies' that the government consider taking some more of their giant piles of money to pay off our huge deficits. Bankers. In Canada. In 2010. Giving the government more money to pay off the debts we've racked up for our children.

    Help put an end to this madness.

    Support the Harper Tories, and help keep the fat cats' money where it belongs… in their enormous bank accounts".

    • …. And all that stuff we have been saying about how great our banks are and how well run they are and how they are the envy of the financial world and saved us from a deeper recession like everywhere else? Heh, funnything about that, you didn't think we meant Liberal leaning, socialist, pinko TD Bank did you?

    • Liberals are firming up their position that the only way to balance the budget is to raise taxes on middle and low income Canadians.

      • As opposed to Harper's screwing of everybody but his pet trolls and potted plants.

      • The Conservatives have firmed up their position for producing bigger and bigger deficits and passing the buck to the children of middle and low income Canadians.

        • Nah. He'd screw over his own partisans if it suited his personal power goals.
          The pursuit (and maintenance) of power has been the ONLY consistent feature of his political career.

      • Sir, you clearly hate our troops.

      • Harper is raising taxes on all Canadians through a massive EI premiums hike.

        • Why.. you might even say…

          ..IT'S A TRAP!

      • Yes, because the CEO of TD bank is a "middle income" Canadian, and so are all of his friends on the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

  25. What a load from Ignatieff …

    He's getting the hang of this feigned outrage thing. That used to be a prerequisite for Liberal leader.

    • How on earth can you tell if it's feigned or not? You some kind of mind reader?

  26. And to think people like Wilson are so gullible and naive to think that Flaherty, etc. don't talk to a variety of economists, banks included?

    Silly aren't they?

  27. The melodrama was so overt that it appeared at times to be sarcasm. Has anyone heard whether he wept tears as he wrote this?

    This read more like a letter to a University newspaper from a disguntled student leader( with fellow arts lounge student provacateurs egging him on),

    than a national leader in waiting.

    It appears you can Iggy out of the university,

    but you cannot take the university out of Iggy.

    • (psssst…… don't use your jarrid voice when you're posting as biff)

  28. Nobody was troubled by "he should be free to offer his opinion on Canada's fiscal policy without fear of reprisal to his business"?

    Anyway, we'll see if our journalists can put the Canadian deficit in perspective and report this story from an appropriate context, rather than rewriting stories they've seen about the States and Britain.