Adjust your calendars -

Adjust your calendars


The Liberals and Bloc Quebecois say they’re respectively happy to sit for another ten days this spring. The NDP, obviously mindful of a trap, say they want to see the motion before agreeing to adjust the House schedule.

Conceivably, the House will return March 3 and sit through April 1. It will then break for Easter and return April 12.


Adjust your calendars

  1. It's a trap!

    • Behind you!!!

    • This would be a zillion times more impressive if you had an Ackbar avatar.
      LoL – you wouldn't even have to say it – a blank caption would suffice.

  2. Alright, could somebody PLEASE explain to me why this has Conservatives across the land rubbing their hands in glee at the devilish little trap Harper has laid and how yet again, in the words of Spector, Harper has badly outmanouvered Ignatieff and Layton?

    I mean isn't this, if anything, one GIANT admission by the Conservatives that they effed up badly?

    • I don't get it either. As long as they agree to the adjustment I don't see how Harper has a play.

      Maybe the Globe and Mail, having been outwitted by Harper several times in the past, is now paranoid that everything he does is some kind of 11-dimensional chess move.

      • yeah. don't get this at all. and does he actually think this will change how those pissed at prorogation feel. this is wacky.

        • if anything does it not reinforce the idea that he continues to play games?

          • If the game that you're referring to is chess, then I respond "not well". Failure to see the whole board in a strategic game of chess is a novice mistake.

            As in, not one a strategic genius would be caught dead making.

          • the point i was making Lynn was just that to the degree that Harper was quite negatively seen as playing games with Parliament – and by extension accountability and our democracy – in his decision to prorogue, that this vacuous act will just reinforce the notion that he is more interested in playing games then governing.

  3. You gotta like Jack : think back folks …

  4. I'd certainly read the fine print before>/i> I bought a bottle of snake oil from Colonel Harper

    • I did! Some other people who didn't read it bought it for me and I can't return it. At least the expiry date is near.

  5. "Conceivably, the House will return March 3 and sit through April 1. It will then break for Easter and return April 12."

    That's if the Opp doesn't bring down the govt on the federal budget vote.

    • It also presumes no one will decide that maybe a week off for Easter is a bit much, given the context.

      I get Good Friday and that's it, but they're gonna take off Good Friday and the entire week after it? After returning to the Hill for a whopping 22 post-Christmas weekdays? By April 12th, I'll have been at my office for roughly 68 days, and if they sit every weekday after Easter, it's gonna take our MPs until June 15th to catch up with me (presuming I stop going to work on April 12th).

      Sure, sure, consulting with constituents blah, blah, blah. Twenty-two days of Parliament sitting between December 11th and April 12th is completely ridiculous. I've already been to work 2 days more than that since I got back from Christmas.

    • Mon Calamari! To Arms!

  6. Check out the the Home Page of the Pirate Bay

    Harper has made the big time now

    • Wow, that's hilarious!

      I guess they're following the news from Canada in Sweden.

      • Actually.. that's sort of disturbing. It means that news of this whole thing is definitely filtering down to the general public, not just in Canada, but internationally.

        Normally I'm not a huge worrier about our international reputation, but that's just embarrassing.

        • I think it only displays for Canadian IP addresses. Still, it's nice that they're taking an interest.

        • It means that when the international media have some time to kill during the games, they will be able to focus on the games being played by Harper on our democracy. I think these Olympics will be rather entertaining indeed and will completely and utterly blow up in the Cons faces. Protesters and an overabundance of media, in all its forms, do go hand in hand.
          Mr. Harper, Karma on line two. She's been waiting for a while.