Ain’t He Unglamoraze?


Hollywood’s newest superhero movie hit, summed up in 30 seconds.

There are some episodes of this show on YouTube (recorded back when Teletoon used to show them); they’re from the same people who did the Spider-Man show as well as other shows you might remember like Rocket Robin Hood and The Mighty Hercules. But the animation is even more primitive than those other shows. In fact, these Hulk cartoons aren’t really animated at all: what they did was take the original comic books, reproduce the panels on film, and add a few mouth movements and camera pans to make it look like they were animated. On the other hand, that obviously makes these Hulk cartoons much more faithful to the comics than most superhero shows.

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Ain’t He Unglamoraze?

  1. I love how the studio had different levels of quality control. So Spider-Man was blessed with rudimentary animation, but Hulk had nearly none. (As well as a seriously lame theme song.)

  2. But you’ve got to admit that “Of a bull” and “loveable” is a pretty clever rhyme.

  3. ummm.. I though it was The Thing (from FF) that was ever-lovin’.

  4. They weren’t exactly Jesuitical about keeping these things straight at Marvel in the ’60s…but I do recall reading about Ever-Lovin’ Hulk and I didn’t watch the TV show at that age….

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