Alberta: stepping backward into the present


1. Alberta elects its first female premier. 2. The news is greeted with a cry of “Congrats on joining the 20th century, ya yokels!” 3. The new premier, who had been one of seven women in the Alberta cabinet, promptly ejects five of the other six and adds only one, while carefully looking after powerful senior males who opposed her campaign with tooth and claw. 4. Response from out East? “Look at all these young, fresh faces!” 5. FACEPALM


Alberta: stepping backward into the present

  1. Super FACEPALM! I hate when women give women a bad name!

    • She did that…how, exactly?

  2. 6. So unless she appointed an all female cabinet it’s not legit?

    7. Had she not appointed some good ol’ boys, she’d have been accused of being a bra-burning feminist who refused to ‘heal the wounds’ in the party after a leadership campaign.

    8.The only thing that will help her get elected [even though female] is that you have no other place to go.

    9. And the whole country knows it.

    • 6. Of course it’s legit. You really think Cosh is saying it’s not?

      7. Well, you’d think the type of people who’d go bananas over a female premier as a sign of being finally leaving the caves and bearskins would PREFER the bra-burning feminist persona.

      • Well Cosh is the one doing the facepalm over it, I’m not.

        Just having a female premier isn’t a sign of leaving the caves and bearskins….it will be the direction she steers Alberta in that will tell the tale. She has said herself that she wants to improve Alberta’s image.

        • Maybe he’s not facepalming the sacking of ministers, instead of the ability of media types to read in ridiculous sociological meanings into one set of events and not another set of probably equally (un-)important events.

          • Possibly.  You’ll have to ask him.

            I took it that he wanted all new people, with no one from the old crowd.

        • “….it will be the direction she steers Alberta in that will tell the tale”
          Cabinet selection is usually thought of as a powerful indicator of “direction”

          • Well that just mixes old and new…heals wounds etc etc…and it won’t be there for long anyway.

          • She will, perhaps, show differently in time, but based on her first two weeks, the direction she is steering Alberta in is “any way the wind blows”.

          • @348d8285603a30f4c25b7117facb534b:disqus 

            I doubt that can be determined by 2 weeks in office, anymore than you could tell with previous leaders.

          • When she has somewhere between 26 and 39 weeks before she’ll have to go to the polls, she’d be pretty stupid to let the first 2 slide and she’s definitely not stupid.  On the plus side, it’s hard to see how she could have set the bar for herself any lower.

          • @348d8285603a30f4c25b7117facb534b:disqus 

            Sounds like you’re in good hands then.

  3. Sorry, just to be clear, you’re blaming Easterners for a Vancouver Sun backhander at Alberta? Not only does Cosh expect everyone east of Dryden to be consistent with each other (nothing new there for him) now we also have to make sure British Columbia plays nice too.

    I think I speak for just about the whole of the country on this one when I say, go fuck yourself.

    • Huh?  Colby was referring and reacting to a Globe and Mail headline, not a Vancouver Sun headline.  Unsolicited piece of advice:  before you publicly tell someone else to go f*ck himself, get your facts straight.

      • No kidding.  Tybalt4’s response is so pathetically stupid, he should either take his own advice and self-fornicate, or apologize to just about the whole country for presuming, in a moment of supreme idiocy, to speak for us.

        • And now you two have patted each other on the back….could you get around to the actual topic?

      • Can’t wait to see who’s gonna win the “Likes” war between the careless, obscene abuse and the factual correction. Betting heavily on the former.

        • You may wish to postpone that trip to the casino…

      • Just got pointed back here. (This is the “real me”.) Advice taken. Apologies to Colby, who wouldn’t have deserved the harsh sentiment anyway.

    • Seriously Disqus… still waiting for my “Dislike” button….

  4. Dam women – they just never get it right eh?  And the other choice is – what – another woman?  Those good ol’ boys really screwed this up.

    • You know what’s screwed up?  Your regressive, counterfactual, stereotypical prejudices about Albertans.

      For shame, Jan! I’d expect someone from BC to know better.

      • Impressive vocabulary, but anything to offer on the topic – Redford supposedly screwing up?

        • She lost any credibility the moment she uttered the term “Ethical Oil”.

          • Well, she is an Albertan conservative.  Anything but unfettered support of the oil industry would be suicidal.  I was hoping she might bring some progressiveness to Alberta but judging by the criticism so far, I don’t think it’s possible.  The leader of thr WRP has labelled her as centre left, which has to be the kiss of death. 

          • The WRA can predictably be relied on to label any PC leader “left”.  That’s why Ted Morton as PC leader would have given the WRA trouble.

          •  “Anything but unfettered support of the oil industry would be suicidal. ”
            No more unfettered than your use of it, I suspect.  Or is your computer powered by the smiles of children?

          • I’m sure her computer is powered by Ethical Electricity.

        • I think Redford dropped some talented women from Cabinet for no good reason, which is a little surprising.  I haven’t made up my mind on Premier Redford yet… she may turn out to be a great leader, or she may not.  Time will tell. 

        • Where does it say that she screwed up?

          I assume you are suggesting that #3 is a bad thing. I don’t. At least, not on the surface: I have no clue about these other former ministers, so I don’t know if dropping them is bad.

  5. Speaking of fawning over Redford’s election, how about a review of that Eastern-centric CBC’s latest Sunday Morning (with bookworm Michael Enright – I bet he’s never been at Nashville North) broadcast with three honest to goodness Albertans:

    Hour One
    Wild Rose Country:

    A Muslim mayor of Calgary. A Jewish mayor of Edmonton. A woman leading the right-wing Wildrose Party. An Indo-Canadian leader of the Liberal party.

    And – this week – the election of Alison Redford, the first female Premier of the province.
    Voters aren’t just talking about change in Alberta, they’re embracing it. That’s in stark contrast to the rest of the Canada where recent elections have resulted, largely, in more-of-the-same.
    But Alberta does things differently. Indeed, the landscape in Wildrose country is shifting in ways that may foreshadow many surprises yet to come.

    We’re going to look at those changes with the help of three diehard Albertans:
    Licia Corbella is a columnist and editorial page editor with The Calgary Herald and Rod Love is a long-time political strategist for the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. They were both in our Calgary studio.
    Anila Umar is a community activist in the area of diversity and volunteered on the campaigns of the new Premier-designate, Alison Redford, and the mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi. Her day-job is Director of Career Services with the DeVry Institute of Technology.
    She was in Edmonton.


    Note how they also show contempt for the G&M headlines, fears of another NEP etc. And I don’t quite follow how quoting “firsts” from 1910 or whatever is at all relevant.

    I just wish Albertans would quit being so provincial, insecure, and FOREVER playing the victim card. It’s really tiresome.

    • People dump on them for being benighted and backwards, and they respond by pointing out (quite convincingly and with reference to specific facts) how and why they are, in fact, not.  How is that provincial, insecure or playing the victim card?

      • Ok, so just to qualify, you’ve previously indicated that you lived in Alberta for 20 years. Perhaps born there. Let’s just point out your potential bias when you state: ” and they respond by pointing out (quite convincingly and with reference to specific facts) how and why they are, in fact, not.”

        I moved there in 1982. Don’t live there now. But to fail to acknowledge that parts of Alberta have changed significantly from that time, due to immigration, net migration etc is to avoid stating an obvious fact, Yes, it has changed. So, why not just acknowledge it, and move on? The winning candidate, Redmond, has addressed this point by stating something to the effect that “the electorate hasn’t changed, just the politicians have caught up with this/or now better reflect this” or something similar.

        So, in response to a G&M article (the favourite whipping boy for fostering anti-eastern sentiment), the editorial board at the Calgary Herald gets all riled up and its editor writes a column citing milestones in Alberta in the 1910s.

        I wonder if the article in question was written by Josh Wingrove, G&M national correspondent. Here’s his bio:

        Josh Wingrove National correspondent, Edmonton

        Josh covers provincial affairs in the Alberta capital, and throughout the province. He joined the Globe in 2008 in Toronto before returning to his home province in 2010.

        And what of the Calgary Herald editorial writer Licia Corbella?  Turns out she’s only been an Albertan since the 90’s.

        She started her journalism career in 1986 at The Province newspaper in Vancouver while still a journalism student at Vancouver Community College.

        Eventually, she and her husband moved to Toronto where she worked as a general assignment reporter at The Scarborough Mirror, The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun, where she won numerous awards for her feature writing and news reporting, including two Edward Dunlop Awards

        .In October 1993, she moved to Alberta with her husband Stephen and began working at the Calgary Sun in a variety of roles…

        So, where does this fear of eastern intervention/ the new NEP is around the corner come from that Licia expresses? It’s from people like Rod Love who made his career off of Ralph Klein who kept feeding this rhetoric for close to three decades. Thankfully, the PC membership eventually unceremoniously dumped him a few years ago.

        I sent Licia my NEP rebuttal video by email for her edification, but no reply. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op6XLJCXagk Apparently, it doesn’t fit with the longheld Calgary Herald editorial position – perhaps that’s part of her job description.

  6. Well at least there hasn’t been days spent discussing her cleavage, lol!!!

  7. The Globe and Mail report is by Josh Wingrove, who’s a) from Alberta and b) living in Edmonton.

    But you’re right, the Globe and Mail editorial offices do happen to be in Toronto. 

    Not that you’re a knee-jerk Western whiner or anything.

    • Josh Wingrove, as Josh Wingrove has been very very desperate to point out lately, does not write headlines.

      • So your point is that some random copyeditor in Toronto isn’t familiar with the latest Alberta cabinet shuffle.

        That’s . . . profound!

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