Aliens ate press secretary's brain -

Aliens ate press secretary’s brain


Or at least that’s what it must seem like to Scott McLellan’s former colleagues.

It’s not often you see someone go from standing on a podium every day defending an administration to turning on a dime and calling his longtime bosses deceitful war-mongers.

In his new book, “What Happened,” he also confirms what some people have long suspected: Dick Cheney is actually magic.


Aliens ate press secretary’s brain

  1. There is nothing worse than the last year of an american president except maybe of course a minority government in canada with a weak leader of the opposition as both will suffer every time they hear a knife being sharpened.

  2. “Scottie to he bridge…I can’t hold it together much longer, Mr. Vice-President. Can’t you see me squinting? That means I’m a really good actor.”

    “YOU MUST keep silent Scottie, those dilithium truth crystals are only 90 years past their sell-by date. Think of crew morale, Scottie. Did you drink your Kool-Aid this morning?”

    On the bridge of the starship Free Enterprise, First Officer Cheney turns in disgust to his navigator.

    “Ari, Ari, get on the spacenet right now and tell everyone that Scottie is madder than a Texas televangelist…tell them…tell them…”

    “Never fear,” Air comforts his boss,” I know what to say already Mr. Cheney…he’s nuts, he’s disgruntled, his editor made him do it, rampant cocaine use…Don’t worry sir, we’ll, we’ll…What’s that corporate phrase Captain Bush requires us to use?”

    “Gitterdun!,” Cheney growls.

    “Right away sir! Uhuru, get me Katy Couric on the line…”