All in (II) -

All in (II)


Overviews of this morning’s events from the Canadian Press, Sun, Canwest and CBC.

And here, from our Andrew Coyne, a review of the situation, a challenge for the opposition and a question for Justice Frank Iacobucci.


All in (II)

  1. It's about time. But, I can't help but believe the CPC will figure out how to manipulate this move in their favour as well.

    • They are already bringing out the coalition boogeyman.

      Which, frankly, I think would backfire. Canadians didn't like that coalition then so soon after an election for that purpose right after the throne speech was approved and the opposition had opposed a coalition in the election. There was a strong whiff of something undemocratic about it all; technically OK, but of questionable legitimacy or mandate.

      It would be an altogether different thing for Harper to oppose a majority vote in Parliament as a basis for claiming he is defending democracy from a coalition. After trying to block the MPCC, pressuring witnesses, fighting in court, shutting down committees, ignoring a Parliamentary subpoena andthen proroguing all to avoid accountability, Canadians would see through that tactic pretty quickly.