Am I The Only One That Gets It? -

Am I The Only One That Gets It?


You may have seen this Kids In the Hall clip making the rounds recently, because Dave Foley, sitting in a studio in Canada in the ’90s, bears an eerie resemblance to a number of television pundits who existed only in embryonic (or radio) form at the time. He even ends the sketch by emphasizing the word “FOX!” But what it really shows is not that the Kids anticipated the future, but that they were satirizing the state of TV punditry at the time. Maybe things haven’t changed so much after all.

I get the feeling that part of the Kids’ inspiration for that sketch was this Monty Python bit, but the Kids’ version is better; with the obvious exception of Gilliam (who didn’t perform that much), the Pythons were always at their weakest when playing Americans. (Whenever any of them did an American accent, their regular style sort of fell away and they wound up doing the corniest, most obvious routines about war-mongering generals and film producers with lots of yes-men, the kind of sketches you’d see on any U.S. variety show.)


Am I The Only One That Gets It?

  1. The delivery sounds like Babe Bennet from This Hour has 22 Minutes.

    • Both are caricatures of the 1950s accent many broadcast personalities had (I have no idea if people spoke that way in everyday life!)

  2. Who. Who Gets It. Am I The Only One WHO Gets It…

  3. are you picking on glenn beck again?? lol

  4. Re: Dave Foley, the candles in the background are a great touch.

  5. Yeah, I'm not sure I get the humor but I think it's cool to be exposed to different types of humor! :)

  6. Immature and pointless.

  7. the english one ends better with the "Coming Dear" … line …

  8. Not bad. He looks a bit like Glenn Beck. Course, Beck was probably in college when this skit was done…

  9. I don't know if this is what the KITH sketch was parodying, but it does remind me a bit of Rush Limbaugh's long-forgotten early 90s TV show (Wikipedia only gives it two sentences in its Limbaugh entry, even though it ran for 4 years). It would have been perfect for Fox News, but unfortunately Fox News didn't exist at the time, so they tried to shoehorn it into a basic talk show format, complete with a studio audience! Literally it was just Limbaugh sitting at a desk and talking for a half-hour, with occasional segments where they had him on a split screen with Bill Clinton giving a speech, making faces.

  10. The KITH are my favorite!
    They also accurately predicted the Prozac nation in their movie.
    Great humor is intelligent, these guys are the best!

  11. Counter-culture movements have an uncanny way of predicting the future. Hell, Monty Python was Family Guy before Family Guy was Family Guy. Matter of fact all of the good-natured nihilism you see on Adult Swim evolved from that seminal show.

    Now before I give too much credit to MP I must mention the Dada movement of the early 20th century that got its start in Zurich of all places. The non sequitur aesthetic of contemporary humor is a direct result of that odd little darling of an art movement. Google it.

  12. Disturbingly accurate.