American sales pitch for oil sands -

American sales pitch for oil sands


Most of the debate in Washington concerning oil sands has focused on environmental concerns (“Dirty oil!”) versus energy security and national security ( “Would you rather pay the Canadians or the Saudis?”)

But Jack Gerard, the president of the of American Petroleum Institute, knows exactly what Americans want to hear in light of 9.8% unemployment:

From his speech in Washington:

“Greater oil sands production, from a friendly, nearby neighbor like Canada, could create more than 340,000 newAmerican jobs and economic benefits that could add up to $34 billion to our GDP by 2015.”

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American sales pitch for oil sands

  1. Right on – they better be taking notice and get going on passing the new pipeline that TransAlta intends to build. Chavez is making threats again, the U.S. should get cracking.

  2. It would be the neighbourly, and profitable thing to do. Plus I think it would be great if Canada were to start using some of our Oil exports to kick OPEC around a bit. That'll only be possible years in the future of course, but this would be a good start.