And Don’t Forget, He’s Dancin’ in Korean


The Daily Telegraph has a long interview with Stephen Colbert — mostly speaking as himself, not the character he plays at 11:30 —  “The Second Most Powerful Idiot In America.” I found this part interesting, explaining how the show sets up its interviews:

Another obvious transatlantic comparison, at least in terms of Colbert’s reality-warping interview technique, would be Ali G, but although Colbert Report head-writer Rich Dahm is an Ali G Show veteran, Colbert points out that there is a clear difference between the two: The Colbert Report does not ambush its interviewees. ‘Everybody knows what they’re in for with me,’ says Colbert. ‘I say exactly the same thing to everyone before the interview: “I’m not an assassin. I do the show in character – and he’s an idiot; he’s wilfully ignorant of everything we’re going to talk about. Disabuse me of my ignorance. Don’t let me put words in your mouth”.’


And Don’t Forget, He’s Dancin’ in Korean

  1. And you found this interesting WHY?!?

  2. “And you found this interesting WHY?!?”


    No, actually, I found it interesting as an explanation of the difference between one kind of “in-character” interview and another: Ali G’s purpose is to make the interviewee uncomfortable, while Colbert is trying to point up the idiocy of his character, not so much put the interviewee on the spot.

    But that wasn’t in caps so I realize it doesn’t count.

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