And finally, a pun -

And finally, a pun


Speaking to reporters after QP today, Liberal David McGuinty adds what has obviously been missing from the H1N1 discussion to date.

Bonjour.  Hello, everyone.  I’d like to start making a few comments about the state of H1N1.  We have come to the conclusion that what we’re facing now in this Conservative government is a plandemic.


And finally, a pun

  1. I don't get it

  2. … a lack of a plan, and a pandemic = a plandemic.
    That's really punny…

    • Wouldn't a "plandemic" be an outbreak of lots and lots of plans?

      • The reviews are in on McGuinty's pun… it was a pannedemic.

  3. hmmm, it's no ritz cracker — just doesn't have the class of "death by a million cold cuts".

    • Both were in bad taste. Plandemic doesn't even really make sense.

  4. In other words, the scope of Liberal accusations has shifted in response to the backlash. They're no longer flinging blood. They've softened their tone. Now, they're just accusing the Government of poor planning and communications.

    Still, "Plandemic" is extremely weak. "Pandemic" is one of those words you should never turn into puns (much like "Holocaust")

    • McGuinty appears to have received a vacillation.

      • LOL!

      • Sweet pun.

      • LOL, I was just thinking, "I wonder what Dot's going to say to this one," and lo & behold you pointed to the right-field fence.

    • I think you're over analysing it.

      • Probably. I tend to do that.

  5. David McGuinty is my MP and I would prefer he focus on working with his brother to manage the rollout in the interests of Canadians rather than trying yet again to politicize this issue.

    • hear hear

      • Right. Leave the politicizing of issues for career-boosting moments to Harper's gang of irredeemable syphons. I do believe they've copyrighted it…

  6. Here's a better play on words:

    "Liberals Sack Sakamoto"

    For those out of the loop on this incident, seee Jane Taber's article in the Globe "More blood on the OLO floor"posted yesterday evening. Here's an excerpt:

    "Before coming to Ottawa after Mr. Ignatieff assumed the leadership late last year, Mr. Sakamoto worked for the CBC. He was also the subject of controversy this week when he was seen on a broadcast of The National criticizing the Harper government's response to the H1N1 flu pandemic."

    • Well this comment is very germaine to the thread. Why not give us hockey scores while you're at it?

      • It's what he does, it's what he likes, it's what he knows.

        He's an idiot. A Conservative, in other words.

        • I was "on board" with It's what he does, it's what he likes, it's what he knows. Catchy.

          Although others may enjoy the One-Two punch, I see absolutely no need for He's an idiot. A Conservative, in other words.

    • Hey, Liberals Sack Sakamoto is my very own pun, and I'm proud of it.

      I know coming up with a half-decent pun is beyond the verbal/written dexterity of many a commenter on these posts.

      • Sadly, Sack Sakamoto is not a pun. Agree with Phil tho….if you are to be ridiculed it should be because you are a jackass, not because of your conservativeness.

  7. wait, wait… Canada's Economic Action plan – a panderdemic.

    • Thanks for proving my point.

  8. Wherry Can we expect something similar to the 30+ posts you did on Gerry Ritz? Seeing as tasteless jokes bother you so much and all.

    If people wonder why some of us think media is liberal, this is perfect post. McGuinty makes tasteless joke during stressful times and we get critique of his pun-making abilities. Con makes tasteless joke and he must be defenestrated.

    • Let's see, play on words criticizing the lack of a Tory plan, versus wishing an Opposition member dead.
      Yeah, that's even.
      You're right – the media is hopelessly biased.

      • Worse actually, sinc Ritz's pun was hilariously referencing actual deaths, including that of one of his constituents. But hey, he's a funny guy!

        My favourite all-time pol photo: the one of Ritz, with his big ostentatious rings shining, as he moves a thick pork sandwich towards his mustachioed mouth…

        • "wishing an Opposition member dead"
          "referencing actual deaths, including that of one of his constituents"

          You guys are out of your tree.

  9. I hope that Peter Donolo is reaching out to Scott Feschuk even as we speak. "Come back Scott, your party needs you… bad."

  10. plandemic – this outbreak was predicted over 2 months ago by an ex-Mossad agent called Joseph Moshe

  11. I wonder what big family dinners are like after all the main province with problems is Ontarion and he is slagging the health care for ontario?

    • Big brother Dalton has been showing a bit of class lately that his little brothers David and Brendan could well emulate.

  12. At least your medication has momentarily cleansed of your kinsellia…

    • Everyone's talking about Kinsella's increased influence in the Liberal Party, so I don't see the point of piling on.

      Being negative will keep the Liberals mired in the mid-twenties, but when your party doesn't have a leadership Convention or any discernible policy, then attacking the other guy is about all you have left. But it's hardly a mystery why the Liberals are where they are, there's now a pretty wide consensus on it.