And now, another trip into weirdly literate television


Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show on CNN: it’s really, really not Crossfire! This week’s edition was about Afghanistan. Guests include Rory Stewart, Steve Coll, occasional faux-Canadian Michael O’Hanlon, a potential challenger for the Afghan presidency, and Elián Gonzalez. Just kidding about that last one!

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And now, another trip into weirdly literate television

  1. Pshaw, Zakaria’s “from wealth to power” was shallow and as much as it tried to be tautological (like many neoclassical realist work) it failed.

  2. Couldn’t find the links to the Stewart, Coll, O’Hanlon sessions ….. but, nevermind, I will.

    The poor Afghani guy seemed like he was channeling M. Dion.

  3. If there isn’t the possibility of a photo op of Stephen Harper + lackey minister giving away Canadian’s own money, then the policy doesn’t happen. Why do you think nearly ALL of the government’s policies have involved either tax cuts (where Harper can go slap a 5% GST sticker on something), or shovelling money at some interest group. That surplus evaporated before this current fiscal emergency.

    Where’s the photo op of a fuel efficiency standard? Can you somehow shovel money at an efficiency standard? No photo op, and standards don’t require a boatload of ribbon for cutting ceremonies. and there is therefore no political advantage to it.