And now the moment you've not really been waiting for -

And now the moment you’ve not really been waiting for

Your thoughts on the Throne speech?


The Speech from the Throne in 2006 was 2400 words. The Speech from the Throne in 2008 was 4100 words. This afternoon’s edition is touted as exceeding 6000 words. It is expected to take the Governor General somewhere between an hour and four days to deliver. So, if you’re watching at home, get comfortable and make sure you have a supply of non-perishable food stuffs and fresh water nearby.

I’m off to the Senate gallery to watch, eventually lose interest and ultimately pass much of the time doodling in my moleskine.

The text of the speech will likely be posted here at some point around 2:30. Use the comment thread to discuss your favourite parts. I’ll be back later.


And now the moment you’ve not really been waiting for

  1. I would love to have a title like Usher of the Black Rod.

  2. What if it was 1200 words would you say it was too short.The media in this country is no longer the source of persuasion that comes from the Internet that is why the print media has lost its credibility with the bias it shows

    • What if it was 1200 words? Would you say it was too short?

      The media in this country is no longer the source of persuasion. That comes from the Internet. That is why the print media has lost its credibility with the bias it shows.

      I recommend you pay someone to write your resume. This guy posts here as Dennis_F and probably has many of the same views you hold. Maybe try him?

  3. So, less red tape, Senior's day, a holocaust memorial and a state memorial for a WW1 Vet who said he didn't want one.

    Uh huh.

    • 2010: "The Tweet from the Throne."

    • Mr. Babcock never said he didn't want the veterans of WWI recognized. He said he didn't want a state funeral for himself. The government is not proposing a state funeral, or any special service for Mr. Babcock. It is taking the occasion of his death to let people remember the 600,000 or so men (and women) who served with him. That seems entirely appropriate.

      • Right. I'm sure he meant to say "…but a giant memorial to all vets using my name as the hook is perfectly fine"….

        Don't stop believing…

        • Actually, he did say, I believe, that all WWI veterans should be honoured. He didn't want a state funeral for himself. He isn't getting one. He didn't object to his comrades being honoured. I gather you do. Too bad. I think most people will agree this is the right thing to do.

  4. I've lost track. How many times has Harper's "Tough on Crime" legislation died on the order paper due to prorogation?

    I wonder how many Canadians still believe crime bills are a high priority with the Conservatives.

  5. Harper to Canadians: We thought about it for 3 months and we have nothing new to offer.

  6. Hey, if it would sate their appetites better than a depleting supply of krill, I'm all for it.

  7. If they want to cut back on government, they should start with this bloated pomp.

  8. Probably right. I'm not entirely clear on how that helps us with Arctic sovereignty issues though. As I understand it the push is to occupy and make use of the territory so that we solidify our claim to it. How does looking at it from 300 miles away further that agenda?

    If, on the other hand, the goal is to maintain watch on Russian activities in the area then I'm not sure what good it is without the means to react.

    At any rate I suppose it's a start. We do have yo start somewhere.

    • Radarsat 2 is part of that solution. I expect what they are talking about is the deployment of Polar Epsilon which will allow tracking of ship traffic to a greater extent than at present. That information, of course, is then going to be backed up by increased enforcement ability in the form of the arctic patrol ships, new icebreaker and UAVs. A bit of an improvement from the twice-a-year "sovereignty patrols" of the recent past.

      • Thanks, that's helpful.

      • Thanks, Mike R. You're much more helpful than Mike T. I always get you two mixed up for some reason.

  9. If the throne speech is 6000 words, then how long would the budget speech be? Anybody have an average multiplier out there? I'm thinking at least 12,000 words.

    • I'm thinking at least 6.0221415 × 10^23 words. That's Avogadro's number, btw. It would take at least a quintillion years for the GG to deliver a speech that big. Heady stuff, eh?

  10. Boy, for a guy who lays claim to wanting to see respect for Parliament and its institutions, you're being awfully disparaging to this one.

  11. This part caught my attention:

    "Canada has been a spacefaring nation for nearly 50 years. Our Government will extend support for advanced research, development and prototyping of new space-based technologies, especially in support of Arctic sovereignty. "

    I'm not sure what they mean though. Space-based technologies in support of Arctic sovereignty….does that mean surveillance satellites? Whatever it is it might have the potential to be very good, both in terms of jobs and in terms of keeping HQP's in Canada if it's done well. "Done well" means more than piggy-backing a US satellite feed though.

  12. What if we built a giant laser that could hypnotise blue whales and make them eat Russian submarines? I can already hear the defeatists carping at the idea, but that's all the more reason to fund it.

  13. I think they mean Canadian-made surveillance satellites.

  14. Sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads!