And, oh yeah, it’s about ants


Every so often the New Yorker gives readers their first glimpse of a classic of American fiction. Indeed, all the other apparent functions of that organ are peripheral. What must it have been like to open up the magazine and get hit between the eyes with “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” or “The Lottery” or In Cold Blood or Maus? Today, my friends, you get to find out. “Trailhead” is a free-standing excerpt from the forthcoming first novel by the naturalist E.O. Wilson.


And, oh yeah, it’s about ants

  1. An epic tale. Any writer who can make me empathize with an ant colony is well worth a read. More science should be presented this way.

  2. E.O. Wilson is one of the sociobiology originals, and an absolute pillar in his field. And unlike Dawkins (another early star in this field and author of the brilliant Selfish Gene), E.O. Wilson hasn't descended into irrelevancy. He's still writing stuff that matters.

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