And speaking of Australia -

And speaking of Australia


The Liberals made note this morning of the similarity between the title of today’s Throne Speech and the title of former Australian prime minister John Howard’s election platform in 2004. That similarity perhaps being noteworthy because of this. And this.

All of which might make it worth actually reading Howard’s 2004 platform, then comparing and contrasting with what we hear these next two days. So here that is.


And speaking of Australia

  1. OK, I'll play this game. One big difference is obvious in the first sentence. "…Coalition Government…"

  2. …imagines CPC staffers furiously rewriting the entire platform over the next 24 hours.

  3. Thanks Aarron… it isn't easy to make these things interesting, but you have done it!

  4. Dumbest Liberal press release ever, even if it was meant as a joke.

  5. C'mon, we know the CONs can't read. They just off-load it to a focus group…

  6. I find it interesting that since Confedertaion the Speech from the Throne always included a reminder that MPs would be called upon to authorize the funds necesary to meet the Speech's priorities.

    Stephen Harper's last three Speches from the Throne never made this request of MPs or the legislature.

    I'm not saying that this has to do with distain for the legislature, just suggesting that he's not big on tradition.

  7. Personally, I don't care if the Conservatives steal their policies, nor do I care who they steal them from – either way, at least they'll have some policies!

    • You mean "finally" right. As in "at least they'll finally have some policies".

      • Of course.

  8. Make the guy resign for plagiarism and then give him a sole-sourced research contract, just slipping under the amount which requires tenders. Makes sense.

  9. If the Conservatives are (still) getting their ideas from Australia's John Howard, they're in worse shape than I thought. Does being Conservative mean that you have to use existing ideas (i.e., borrow or steal them) or could they possibly, you know, come up with innovative, new ideas. Thinkin's hard!

  10. As I noted on another thread, it may be more than just the title that was stolen, given the section titles of the Howard document and what Harper has released as his section headings:

    “A Stronger Economy. A Stronger Australia.” (Howard) vs. “A Stronger Canada. A Stronger Economy.” (Harper)

    “Restoring Prosperity” (Howard) vs. “Planning for Recovery: Returning to Fiscal Balance.” (Harper)

    “Harnessing Opportunities From The Global Economy” (Howard) vs. “Strengthening a United Canada in a Changing World” (Harper)

    “Prolonging Prosperity” And “Science And Innovation” (Howard) vs. “Building the Jobs and Industries of the Future” (Harper)

    “Sharing The Benefits With Pensioners” And “Meeting The Challenge Of An Ageing Population” (Howard) vs. “Standing up for Those Who Helped Build Canada” (Harper)

    “Assistance To Families” (Howard) vs. “Making Canada the Best Place for Families” (Harper)

    • Come on Ted…this is microscopically thin gruel to be lobbing around accusations of plagiarism.

  11. If this is all the silly media and opposition have to complain about then I guess the Throne Speech was a success. Instead of worrying about the contents the Libs and of course their supporters in the media jump all over what has to be the silliest of criticisms. Iffy where are your ideas for Canada? Oh I forgot you have none. God help us!