And speaking of what Michael Ignatieff's been up to this summer -

And speaking of what Michael Ignatieff’s been up to this summer


Here is Michael Ignatieff speaking about what he’s been up to this summer.

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And speaking of what Michael Ignatieff’s been up to this summer

  1. That has got to be one of the lamest looking back-drops ever. I suppose this is what you have to put-up with when you're Opposition Leader.

    • Yeah that Canada flag and old piano are so elitist too!

    • It's not the backdrop that matters but who you put in front of it. The slickest backdrops that the Conservatives can come up with don't hide the fact that they're presently a rudderless government.

  2. Just three more years Iggy and you can live at the old folk's home permanently!

    • I know 24 Sussex is pretty rundown and in need of repair, but that's no reason to call it an old folks home. And Iggy's not going to be there permanently either.

  3. Nothing elitist about that little speech – quite effective in moving a few troops in one small location – but
    I'm one of the biggest critics of this strategy – two reasons.
    1) He will move more – at less expenditure of effort – by making a few speeches IN CANADA – that define Michael Ignatieff and his vision for Canada and broad strokes about strategy – not campaign platform – that's a 4-year view anyway (or in these days of minorities – maybe only a year)
    2) He looks and sounds tired – and he likely has to do this at an even more intense pace – in maybe two months – when the cameras will really be on him – during a campaign.

  4. If I were a politician I would give all my speeches with balloons as a backdrop. Its kind of like standing next to somebody short – next to balloons filled with helium, a politician doesn't look quite as full of hot hair.