And we thought he was great in “Away From Her”


Gordon Pinsent’s phrasing, in his plea for artists to be heard in the campaign debate about cultural funding, sounds like a tip of his hat to recent Maclean’s cover lines. “We know about Mr. Harper’s master plan, we know about Mr. Dion’s big idea,” said the iconic actor, echoing our three-cover election package last week. “But it would be hugely comfortable to know that we have a seat at that table – not just in the children’s section, not just below the salt, but right there, smack dab in the middle of the big meal.”


And we thought he was great in “Away From Her”

  1. Quentin Durgens M.P. lives on (“an idealistic rookie Member of Parliament learning to deal with the complex realities of politics.” – wiki)

  2. While the Conservative leader included Quebecers in his English-language pitch Tuesday – “ordinary Quebecers, like ordinary Canadians, understand that,” said Harper – he declined to repeat his gala comment in French after a francophone reporter invited him to do so.

    Funny, I thought ordinary Quebecers WERE ordinary Canadians… and not merely “like” them. Or us. Or whatever. This identity politicking has me confused now.

  3. Maclean’s should run a contest: “Decipher Gordon Pinsent’s Metaphors!”

  4. Maclean’s should run a contest: Best Freestyle Pandering to Quebec Nationalists by Former Reformer Stephen Harper.

    And another: Best 100-Yard Saying One Thing in English and Something Else Altogether in French.

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