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“Angry PTA Mom”


That is one reaction to Sarah Palin’s speech that I keep hearing from her critics while doing several hours of radio talk this morning. Now that I’ve seen some of the TV clips of her speech, I can see that she came across as harsher and more sarcastic on TV (especially with close-ups of some of her facial expressions) than she did in the screaming and cheering hall. Critics today are painting her as mean and extreme.

So far today she’s keeping up last night’s aggressive approach. She accused “Obama-Biden Democrats” of attacking her family — despite the fact that Obama explicitly said the family was off-limits. (A McCain spokesman could not come up with an example of the Obama campaign attacking her family. Her spokeswoman blamed Daily Kos and other blogs.)

So far the campaign seems to have decided she’s a better weapon for riling up — and raising money from — the partisans then for reaching out to middle-of-the-road  voters.


Now they’re showing the soft-focus bio video that got cut last night because Rudy Giuliani had so much to say. I must say, Alaska looks gorgeous.

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“Angry PTA Mom”

  1. I happen to be travelling through 4 eastern states right now. Based on radio and newspaper here, all I can say is that your analysis is clueless, biased and sounding alot like one of Obama’s surrogates, like daily kos etc, who are relentless in attacking Palin. There is a real exitement even in mostly liberal Mass. Your description seems to come right off the fringe far left sites.

  2. Rudy was having such a good time. Did anyone think he’d stick to his schedule for some skirt?

  3. I agree with Greg. Ms. Savage, please ensure you only report positive things about Sarah Palin. Mention that time she caught a fish, or something, and don’t bring up the times she giggled when her opponents are called fat and “bitches” in her presence.

  4. I laughed too when Clinton called Obama and Biden fat bitches

  5. Greg — watching here in the hall last night I wrote that she came off very well and not only was electrifying the conservatives but would draw the interest of independent women. But I think the more she is cast in the partisan attack role, the less she will be able to do that

  6. When you are introduced to America with 40 million people watching and none of them have a clue who you are, it is not a good idea to come off as a sarcastic attack dog. Sorry, Sarah. You blew it.

    A reporter needs to ask John McCain about attacking children. John McCain:

    Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
    Her father is Janet Reno.

    This “joke” by John McCain was told about a 15 year old girl.