Anthony Bourdain stands up for Inuit seal hunting rights

The celebrity chef is against a Canadian seafood ban



Anthony Bourdain stands up for Inuit seal hunting rights

  1. thoroughly enjoyed Anthony Bourdain’s show(s) when I catch them…seems like a reasonable guy.

  2. Thank you Anthony Bourdain for raising this issue.

  3. I’m sorry but “traditional” gets thrown out the window when you have majority of Inuit driving around in skidoos and pick ups.

    • Go there and try surviving – you’ll quickly come to see the necessity of hunting seals for survival.

    • Dude, they’re not Mennonites. They don’t have to drive dogsleds just to have the right to carry on fishing traditions.

  4. As long as they don’t over hunt the seals, leave the First Nation alone.
    Focus on everyone else.

  5. The 2013 quota was 408,000 seals, approximately 90,000 were killed. This is according to Humane Society International. It’s funny how this is an important issue to a lot of people who are perfectly ok with big industrialised farming where animals have poor living conditions their whole lives. The seal hunt is also for population control, 400,000 seals eat a lot of wild fish that you foodies love to eat

    How we stop telling Natives what is and isn’t acceptable culture.