Anyone can whistle; only Zune owners have to -

Anyone can whistle; only Zune owners have to


Apparently every 30-gig Zune mp3 player in the world is freezing up.  I asked Peter Van Loan and he said it’s Dalton McGuinty’s fault.


Anyone can whistle; only Zune owners have to

  1. Well that’s a start. He’s not blaming the Federal Liberals. First Harper brings the Liberals cookies now this. New Spirit of Cooperation lives on!

  2. The numbers make this misleading. If six Zunes fail, it’s actually only a small number. But since that represents about 80% + of all Zunes sold, it seems really large.

  3. Dalton McGuinty should buy me an i-pod now. :(

  4. The great i-pod bail-out can’t come zune enough for me.

  5. This is just more examples of disgraceful anti-Conservative media bias! As all right-thinking Canadians know, Stephen Harper has a Sansa MP3 player and the Zune was a legacy program inherited from Paul Martin. If it’s freezing up, it’s because the Martinite factors within our bureaucracy made it fail! And might I add, Permanent New Tax On Everything! You think it’s easy making MP3 players?

    • I hear the ultra-interventionist Supreme Court (all or mostly Liberal appointees) also routinely rule in favour of Zunes, usually using activist interpretations of the Charter to do so.

  6. No no no – you’ve got it all wrong. Peter Van Loan blames the federal Liberals for everything. It’s Jim Flaherty who says it’s all Dalton McGuinty’s fault: no doubt, the Zune would be operating just fine if only the provincial Liberals had reduced their business taxes.

  7. Yup, the anti-Conservative media bias – when probably about 95% of our media are conservative leaning – let the whining go on.

    Harper deliberately put this notion in your heads and you took his word for it…..sigh……

    • Wow,

    • Open your eyes to the LIE-beral deceit! The Zune Affair (or as I’m trying to call it, Zunegate) is yet one more example of the neo-Chretienite pro-interventionist forces in our country’s media trying to spin things for the advantage of the East’s LIE-beral bureaucrats with whom they have formed an unholy alliance in what should be a time to rally behind our leader, Stephen Harper, during a minor economic downturn not of Canada’s making (except perhaps the anti-defecit policies of the LIE-berals and their Quebec crony Martin!).

      First our Zunes, then freedom of speech! Who will be around to record our words when all the MP3 players have gone silent? Who?

  8. Nah- we can a-zume that it’s all a plot by Microsoft which is now 50% owned by Harper’s mother because she responded when opportunity knocked.

  9. It is the fault of the neo-pagan practises being celebrated at LPC headquarters every full moon where they dance sky clad and praise the new morning star designated chief Igster and holy man who desireth the throne of the almighty pm and will stop at nothing including the ravishment of the virgin. Beware all who enter those vaunted halls thy soul at risk of perishment.

    • Wow, add some line breaks & this might sound like poetry. Late-19th-century Decadent anarchist poetry, and not terribly good poetry, but poetry nonetheless.

      Let me continue a la Rimbaud:

      On the black gallows, one-armed friend,
      The liberals are dancing, dancing
      The lean, the devil’s Liberals
      The skeletons of SalaDions.

      Sir Beelze-Ig pulls by the scruff
      His little black puppets who grin at the sky,
      And with a backhander in the head like a kick,
      Makes them dance, dance, to an old Chretien-tune!

  10. I would have thought that after the events of recent months there might be some nostalgia for the Van Loan as House Leader Era, and perhaps even an apology or two?

    Oh well . . . Happy New Year kids.

  11. Zwonderful, Zmarvelous
    You should care for me!
    Zawful nice, Zparadise,
    Zwhat I love to zee.

    You’ve made my life so glamorous,
    You can’t blame me for feeling amorous!
    Oh ‘Zwonderful, ‘Zmarvelous,
    That you should care for me!

    My dear, it’s four leaved clover time,
    From now on my heart’s working overtime, ooh baby
    ‘Zwonderful, ‘Zmarvelous
    That you should care for

    You’ve made my life so glamorous,
    You can’t blame me for feeling amorous!
    And I guess so it’s wonderful, and it’s marvelous,
    That you should care for, that you should care for
    That you should care for me!

    A big fat Z!

  12. Permit me to be more relevant. Brilliant Corners was a triumph owing to one musician only — and it wasn’t the piano player.

    The Zune is hardware, long live those who use it — when it dies we rediscover humming, or something.

    Whenever I feel afraid
    I hold my head erect
    And whistle a happy zune
    So no one will suspect
    I’m afraid.

    While shivering in my shoes
    I strike a careless pose
    And whistle a happy zune
    And no one ever knows
    I’m afraid.

    The result of this deception
    Is very strange to tell
    For when I fool the people
    I fear I fool myself as well!

    I whistle a happy zune
    And ev’ry single time
    The happiness in the zune
    Convinces me that I’m not afraid.

    Make believe you’re brave
    And the trick will take you far.
    You may be as brave
    As you make believe you are

    You may be as brave
    As you make believe you are

  13. I read some of the comments on the EW site, and now my head hurts.
    Do people actually talk like that or write like that?
    Heaven help us if this is the new literacy.

    Old Fart

  14. “nostalgia for the Van Loan as House Leader Era”

    Yup, also nostalgia for Dick Nixon’s quest for the truth, Oliver Cromwell’s leniency and Torquemada’s inquisitiveness.

  15. My Xbox 360 died, again, today.

    Proving that Microsoft not only puts defective products on the market, but replaces them with defective products.

  16. I was amused by this whole deal, and then today my Creative Zen player died. Somewhere in there is a karmic lesson about schadenfreude for me to avoid learning.

    But honestly, I’m only posting that to check that the avatar system is working for me.