Archie: The Canadian Movie


This might not be a sure-fire hit film, but it would sure be better than To Riverdale and Back Again. And as Toplessrobot.com pointed out, this fan-made fake movie trailer could just as easily be a pilot for a show on the CW.

The CW feel is enhanced by the fact that it was shot at a Vancouver school that’s also been used as a location for Smallville. The creators of the film produced it “with the help of almost 100 Craigslist volunteers from the Vancouver industry,” shot over a weekend with a budget of $3,500.

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Archie: The Canadian Movie

  1. That doesn't look bad, but it seems like there's too much going on for it to be a really coherent movie. It'd probably function better as a TV show or miniseries. This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDX1m0Y2Vkg) seems to handle it better, as it keeps more of a central storyline rather than focusing on fully fleshed-out stories for each individual character.

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