Argos: 35, Justin Bieber: 0 -

Argos: 35, Justin Bieber: 0

Emma Teitel on the Grey Cup


Last night Justin Bieber asked a crowd of 53,000 middle-aged men to be his boyfriend (sources say he went home alone) and the Toronto Argonauts won their first Grey Cup in eight years. They won it at home too, which is pretty cool, and puts this notion to shame.

Speaking of shame…

I still don’t know all the rules of the game (I almost wished the CBC had aired another one of those sexist programs catering to sports ignorant women), but I do know the Argos killed it last night–namely Chad Kackert, Ricky Ray, and Swayze Waters, says National Post sports writer, Sean Fitz-Gerald, who was sitting beside me in the press box–and was kind enough to tell me that.

In other news, this happened during Burton Cumming’s lounge remix of  the national anthem:

The Stampeders logo was decapitated shortly after fans poured out of the stadium. Of course, the grass zambonis (not sure what the proper term is) had to wipe everything away eventually, but the horse’s head went especially early.

Headless Stampeders Horse:

And on my taxi ride home I didn’t hear a single honking horn. Instead, I saw just three lonely blue-clad figures at Yonge and Dundas waving an Argos flag. Maybe I’m being unfair, or it was a Polkaroo moment, and I happened to miss the mobs of Argos fans every time I went outside, but I don’t think Toronto fully appreciates that we are at long last, victorious. Or perhaps I forgot that we do care about Toronto football.

Just maybe not so much the Argos…



Argos: 35, Justin Bieber: 0

  1. CFL fans showed the world what rednecks they are. Rather than taking a Canadian kid who made good, against all the odds, and giving him a warm welcome, even if they don’t care for his music (and I don’t), would have shown some class. Booing him just showed the world how boorish many football cans can be.

    • I didn’t see the game. Did they also boo Carly Rae or were they gallant boors.

    • While I am inclined to agree, I still think it was a poor choice of having JB at the game. Canada and especially Toronto has a lot of talented musicians they could have show cased.

      They also didn’t have to have exclusive Canadian artists. If they want to bring in younger fans, they have to understand that the JB crowd is almost exclusively teen females, and Nickelback, what they normally default too is beyond poor quality, and they tend to not react well to being booed. Which they almost always are. The usual pop crap wasn’t what they needed.

      • The Tragically Hip would have been safer. Not sure what Biebs was about… trying to get the tweenage girls to watch?

  2. So…. you don’t want to be Justin Bieber’s boyfriend?

  3. Wtf even if u dun lyk his music u wld hhv gvn respct to hm

    • I would give him vowels. But that’s it.

  4. there’s no question that JB and CRJ appeal to a particular fan base that was under-represented in the Grey Cup audience but the audience reaction was appalling- perhaps reflective of the tendency of the Canadian great unwashed to love to hate a success story and an underlying recognition that these performers would not have participated in a program of this stature but for their national pride (i.e., they are normally too good for us so shoot them down)