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Aside of the Day


Jack Layton’s third question this afternoon.

Mr. Speaker, when it comes to this whole question of torture, unlike other party leaders, we are not going to stand for denying of the evidence, we are not going to cover up the truth, and we are not going to write books justifying torture in any way, shape or form. Nothing can justify torture and nothing can justify the full-scale denial mode that we see from the Conservatives right now. Why will the government not do the right thing and launch a public inquiry, as we have called for, so that we will have all the facts on the table?


Aside of the Day

  1. Finally Jacko! indeed time to zero in on target Iggy …. next stop Gilles will take a trun at this bulls eye no doubt! … slice and dice time for Iggy – sort of like the chinese torture death by a thousand little cuts.

    • While Harper's away, the House will play…..

  2. What a little jacka**

  3. Zing!
    Pounce on this Jack – POUNCE!!!!

  4. Dear Mr. Layton,
    Funny thing. About this time last year you were a-okay with ol'Jack Bauer when it looked like they were painting the Cabinet room part orange,. Oh, also you'd be the ones defending said transfer agreement right now as you sold the "get out of Afghanistan now" ticket down the river for the aforementioned Cabinet seats. Now, that may be a lot to take in, so I'll leave the abandoning the corporate tax cut roll-back for another time.

    • This is an argument that's just plain dumb, and yet it continues to be made with no sense of self-awareness.

      Forming a coalition doesn't mean that you agree on (or defend) every major issue of day. If two parties did, there'd be no reason for a coalition–you'd just have one party!

      The real question is whether sharing power with one party that you disagree with is better than giving complete power to another party that you disagree with as much or more. Suggesting that parties have to agree on all major issues in order to cooperate with one another–or that the lack of such agreement constitutes "defending" the other party's positions–is tantamount to a child holding their unless they get their way.

      Get serious.

  5. More importantly, in the book he concludes torture cannot be countenanced.

  6. I have never been ashamed to be a Canadian in my life. With this recent detainee debacle, I’m getting dangerously close.