At last, a gift for Stéphane Dion


Advice that’s dumber than what the Liberal leader is planning.


At last, a gift for Stéphane Dion

  1. I cannot coment on a topic that is pure speculation.. I will wait and see what is in the proposal before commenting.

  2. Who was the fool that advised Dion to try to get the AG to validate his carbon tax platform?

    Walk away, Sheila Fraser – you have a large amount of sense and hopefully you haven’t had it chipped away by Ottawa so much as to start validating political platforms.

  3. I have a couple of thoughts.

    I was reading coverage of Irish EU referendum last week and one of the people on the losing side said, answering a question on why they lost, something like ‘if you’re explaining, you’re losing’. What does that mean for Dion and his tax plans?

    Lets say that Dion does the incredible and make this tax neutral and reduce consumption at same time. What programs does Dion propose to cut because, if I understand this correctly, there will be less money for Ottawa to spend if all goes according to plan.

    I also agree with Mark about the AG not touching this issue with a ten-foot pole.

  4. Well if the AG line flies with the public, that’s all Dion needs. If the tax turns out not to be revenue neutral, her pointing this out will be included in an annual report that causes headaches for the government anyway, so they can just ignore it and move on.

  5. Why not elaborate on why you feel this is so stupid? Is it because the carbon tax is stupid, the GST is far smaller than what the carbon tax would be or because you don’t believe this to be a good political move? To me it seems to be good politics but bad economics.


  6. I don’t always like to explain everything, JF, because sometimes that shortens conversations needlessly. But the short version of my reasoning is: bad economics starts to be bad politics pretty quick.

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