Au revoir, Jim Abbott


The Conservative MP steps way so he can spend more time with his family.


Au revoir, Jim Abbott

  1. thanks for your service to the country Jim. being an MP is a taxing job and those who undertake (generally) deserve our thanks.

    on a semi-related note does anyone know if any of the remaining former Reformers have stated whether they plan to accept their pensions upon retirement. CP has published a list today of former Reformers' MP anticipated pension benefits.

  2. They all quietly opted back into the 'gold-plated pension' they went to Ottawa to fight.

    • did this require or come by way of making any public statement or signing any document?

  3. What a quaint notion that Stephen Harper would be a different kind of PM…

    The Reform Party, a fresh start for Canadians

    These days, people put little or no faith in the promises of politicians. And for good reason. Every time an election campaign comes around, so do the politicians, making all kinds of promises that are almost sure to be broken when no longer convenient.

    Reform is offering something completely different. Our commitment to implement our platform is not based on promises, but on a real democratic guarantee. We will give you the right to fire any one of our MPs if they do not do what they say they are going to do. We believe it's the fresh approach to politics Canadians are looking for.


    A Reform government will:

    Give you the tools to ensure we keep our promises We will bring in: Workable recall for federal politicians, to hold us accountable to our constituents for the commitments we make to Canadians.

    Provide Canadians with better representation, more direct input into the democratic process, and the ability to hold politicians accountable for their decisions.

    Allow freer voting in the House of Commons Replace the current undemocratic, unrepresentative Senate with a Senate that is elected, equal and effective.

    Give voters direct input into decision-making through referendums and citizens' initiatives on important issues Involve citizens directly in our most basic law, the Constitution.

    Replace partisan patronage with public review of political appointments and major contracts.

    Abolish the Liberal/Tory gold-plated MP pension plan and replace it with pensions comparable to those in the private sector.

    We are putting all parties on notice. This will apply to all MPs, regardless of how long they have been in the House of Commons.

  4. Good riddance .