Awkward anti-Zionist moment at the DNC


These conventions are so scripted that a large part of the audience can actually read what the speakers are going to say on the teleprompter before they say it. But something unscripted happened tonight at the DNC, something as spontaneous as it was awkward.

When Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa opened the floor  to a vote on an amended party platform that would include the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and a shout out to God, here’s what happened …


Some say the chorus of boos had less to do with anti-Zionist/religious sentiment than with how the vote was handled, but I find that a little bit hard to believe. It’ll be interesting to see how Natalie Portman responds. She’s up soon.

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Awkward anti-Zionist moment at the DNC

  1. Repubs were squawking about the 2008 platform not the 2012 one, but rather than argue over it and cause headlines….Dems just ran thru a couple of amendments. Solved the whole thing.

    Just more religious crap.

  2. The sooner governments realizes that religion should be personal, and kept out of politics, the better.

  3. I can see why they were booing. It wasn’t a clear two-thirds majority, and if you have to ask three times and it’s still uncertain which way the vote has gone, votes should actually be counted.

    Also, it’s not “anti-Zionist” to oppose the platform saying Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. The status of Jerusalem remains disputed; the Israeli government is engaged in widespread and deliberate demographic manipulation, demolishing the houses of Palestinians and building Jewish settlements in their place; and it is perfectly legitimate to hold that Jerusalem should not be recognized as either the Israeli or Palestinian capital (or else recognized as both) prior to the conclusion of final status negotiations.

    Both US parties back Israel on everything it does; both support copious funding for the Israeli government, major military support and blocking of any critical UN resolutions; neither have shown any interest in recognizing the major human rights violations Israel is committing, and which I have been witness to this summer on a trip to Israel and Palestine. It’s lubricous to try to shift the debate even further against any criticism of Israel by describing something that did not involve any denial of the Israeli state, and may not even have been about Israel, as “anti-Zionist”.

  4. You mean to tell me there are significant anti-Israel and anti-Christian elements within the Democrat Party? No kidding.

    Some would say (more than would have said it before this Convention) that the Democrats now stand almost exclusively for 4 things:
    (1) abortion, whenever, regardless of reason, and paid for by taxpayers.
    (2) Hating Israel.
    (3) Scorning God, and that pesky premise that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights”.
    (4) formal approval of gay sex from the polity.

    It’s good to see the mask drop, finally. It’s also noteworthy that some logical consistency is finally being applied.

    • Oh do stop being an ass.

    • God? Who’s that?

  5. I guess I should applaud the author for at least not calling anyone an anti-semite.

  6. Why post a film in Hebrew? After linking it to your post?
    Does everybody here speak, hebrew?

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