Back In the ’40s When Everyone Cared


In the category of “Theme songs from shows you’ve never heard of before,” I can safely say that I never have seen and probably never will see an episode of this 1980 flop from ABC and Paramount: Goodtime Girls, about four women who have to share an apartment together in the ’40s during World War II. The premise sounds like a combined knock-off of Laverne and Shirley and M*A*S*H. This being another production of the incredibly prolific Miller-Milkis-Boyett, it had a mostly young, mostly unknown cast, including some unknowns who went on to bigger things like Annie Potts, Peter Scolari and, er, Adrian Zmed. It doesn’t look like anything I would want to see, but somehow I always like coming across theme songs/intros I hadn’t seen before. Even though this Gimbel/Fox theme song kind of stinks


If you’re looking for a broader cultural explanation of how shows like this came about, maybe you could tie the open nostalgia and flag-waving of this intro to the cultural transition from the ’70s to the ’80s. However, while Reagan won, this show lost, so bang goes that explanation.


Back In the ’40s When Everyone Cared

  1. “We all had an uncle, and his name was Sam”???


  2. I saw an episode of this on TV Land Showcase or whatever it was called in the late 90s. The Saturday Morning Failed Series timeslot. They all had dates at the same time, or something like that. I don’t remember much.

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