Back to the drawing board -

Back to the drawing board



Yeah, I’m glad they rejected this one too. From a fascinating little article on the development of the Obama campaign logo.

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Back to the drawing board

  1. Clearly I am not one to ask about logos because I thought Obama logo option #1 was the best, they just needed to add some colour.

    I look forward to the next round of logos that connect Obama and Blago, they share a few common letters. :)

  2. You didn’t say which was your favourite. The winner looks like a road heading into the sunset, that I suppose is appropriate to the current state of the U.S. as hegemon.

    Finalist #1 is my personal choice.

    The ’20 signs you don’t want that web design project’ thing is hilarious.

    Add to that ‘the client is your [relative, friend] and it’s free’.

  3. jwl,

    That would be “obligato” or more correctly ‘oblagoto’ — then Mr. Wells will direct us to iTunes for some J. S. Bach.

  4. The logo posted is truly about as close as the design team could have come to emphasizing the already-thin name distinction between Obama and Osama. It’s an understandable misread. Horrid.

  5. Can’t wait for my Obama action figure with the kung fu grip and life like pecs.

  6. Wildest logo this year? Definitely the one the CBC The National womped up and used for a few items on the Lib-NDP-Bloc coalition. Red and Orange Circles up top. The Bloc lettered at the bottom. Looked like a personal MasterCard for Gilles Duceppe. Price to overthrow an elected gov’t?. $30 B. A veto for the Blo?. Priceless.

    Anyone have a screen cap? They used it at least two nights.

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