BC’s Permanent Tax On Everything apparently doesn’t pay for universities


I was wondering what’s up with Gordon Campbell’s really weird management of the higher-education file, which is turning into a bit of a spiralling helldive of disaster, when it occurred to me to consult Maclean’s on campus. Sure enough, no surprise, Erin Millar has the news, and it’s seriously not good.

I don’t want to write Campbell off just yet. He has commissioned a glossy report in hopes of making BC the best-educated place in North America. But so far, he seems to be taking the long way around to it.

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BC’s Permanent Tax On Everything apparently doesn’t pay for universities

  1. Whether or not one agrees with the decision to do so, turning the BC university colleges into universities was a direct recommendation of the Campus 2020 report.

  2. The Campus 2020 report was released in April 2007. To date, government has not committed to any of the major goals recommended in the report.

    They have cherry picked a few recommendations and claimed they are moving ahead on the report’s recommendations, while completely failing to understand the context in which the recommendations were made.

    At this point, people “in the know” in the BC higher education system have abandoned any hope that any of the key recommendations will be taken up by government.

    A cabinet shuffle is expected this week and it’s almost a certainty that there will be a new Minister of Advanced Education. Whoever he or she is, they will have a small window of opportunity to try and regain the trust of the higher education sector.

    I’m certainly hoping Premier Campbell understands this and will make a good appointment and give that individual the room they need to rescue the disaster that the post-secondary education file has become for the government.

  3. What Robert said. Basically the next budget is make-or-break for Campbell as a premier who’s serious about higher education, and he’s not starting from neutral, he’s starting from a hard-earned presumption of negligence.

  4. Giving BC’s university colleges “full” university status was indeed one of the recommendations in the Campus 2020 report, however it was one of a set of recommendations that was intended to streamline the system as a whole, provide clear direction around mandates, build critical mass, and strengthen all points along the educational continuum.

    It was a terrific set of recommendations that would have enhanced the system enormously and positioned BC as a leader in post-secondary systems. However, the benefits can only be realized if all of all of Mr. Plant’s recommendations are acted on. Cherry picking the ones that are politically popular and ignoring the rest wastes the opportunity Campus 2020 provided to have a major impact. How disappointing.

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