Before the piling on begins, let’s imagine what the piling on will look like


As a president, George W. Bush was perceived as having, uhh, certain brain-based issues. Clinton was perceived as a horndog. Ford could literally not tie his own shoes.*

So the question becomes: well, the question becomes the question in the poll below…

Feel free to submit your own write-in characteristic below.

* not literally.

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Before the piling on begins, let’s imagine what the piling on will look like

  1. Ain’t a bit early for this question?

  2. “Inspiring.” (aww, shucks.)

  3. I think Obama is going to Jimmy Carter Vol II.

  4. I think the wind is literally in his sails and that he will literally guide the American people to the literal promised land. Time to invest in yatch-makers and Israeli real estate.

  5. this poll is frightfully pink… why would they create such a horrible template? is there a market for 14 year old girls making polls?? (no offense feschuck)

  6. …not as good as hoped for, but infinitely better than the last guy.

  7. If Obama plays his cards right and so far he has proven to be avery adept player indeed. I think he will surprise a lot of us. The biggest surprise will be the poor little left wing nuts here in canada though … as the writing is on the wall. Come 2011 – My boy Stevie and Obama will be the best of friends and will have signed a contiental environmental plan, the economic crisis will have mellowed out, there will be a lot of bad guys taken out in Afghanistan and our troops coming home and then guess what? An election here that’s right folks you heard it here first – the result of the election will be at the very least 12 more seats for the Conservatives. The best possible outcome for us Conservatives was Obama winning and that’s for sure. Let’s face it the old Harper Bush clone attacks were asymptomatic of how hard it is for a canadian PM to establish a close relationship with the President, but in this case with the popularity of Obama our PM will be able to use this to get all sorts of policies through that never would have been able to pass the public before. Brilliantly played by my boy Stevie and that’s for sure. Who would have thought that Dion and Obama will turn out to be the best friends thatm Stevie ever had. Politics is very strange indeed.

  8. Don Corleone.

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