Before the yelling -

Before the yelling


As noted, the government is quite concerned that about a meeting between Jack Layton and a group of environmental activists that took place before Monday’s protest in Question Period. For the record, the NDP counters that Mr. Layton’s office had no knowledge of any intent to disrupt QP, that the meeting with Layton was open to media and that, to their understanding, some of the activists were to meet with representatives of other parties as well.

For whatever it is worth, Environment Minister Jim Prentice met with 25 members of the “Canadian Youth Delegation” on October 22. Pictures from that meeting are available on the ministry’s climate change website. Seated to Mr. Prentice’s right is the protester who we now know as Jeh.


Before the yelling

  1. Oh, too funny!

    • Not really.

      Its actually a random coincidence. It wasn' the government providing these people with a room to gather in, signing everybody in, giving them passes.

      A protester is an NDP events organizer for goodness sake. Unless you can find a protester on the CPC payroll then you're out of luck.

      • I don't know if it's the media misleading you or if you're just being obstuse, but Cressy is (and as far as I know never been) on the NDP payroll.

        The media should have been reporting that he is "Events Coordinator" on the executive of the Ottawa Centre NDP riding association. Which is, like in all parties, a VOLUNTEER position.

      • Look, from what I understand the CYCC/PowerShift people, who had been holding events all weekend for a thousand young Canadians in opposition to climate change (see, were given passes to attend QP. This is standard MP work – they book rooms and give passes to high school groups, university groups, conference groups, auto workers, business people, farmer's organizations, whoever. This is part of the MP's job. The fact that the CYCC/PowerShift group were given passes by MPs from one party does not in any way mean that the MPs in question had any idea that SOME – again SOME, not ALL – of these folks were planning this action. This could just as easily happen when a government-side MP books a room or provides a pass to whatever individual or group asks for one. It's part of their damn job to accommodate groups like this.

    • agreed, but i have to say that politics these days in general borders on the absurd at all times.

  2. Looks like Prentice is coordinating something. Something vicious.

    • Love his sleeves rolled up for the photo opp — getting down to business look.

  3. So it was Prentice who was behind this whole charade ? I think that is what super-sleuth Wherry has discovered. And then he must have convinced Jack to set up the practice room for the yeuts and then notified Lizzie to get ready for the post-protest news conference and then told Evan to get ready with the ketchup for opening night——yeah, it all makes sense now.

    By the way, did I see where those 25 members of the Canadian Yeut Delegation are going to Copenhagen in Dec. with Prentice—watch those carbon foot prints.

    • William. You are so mean. Environmental activists buy carbon offsets so they don't leave carbon footprints.

      Yeah, sure…..

  4. Looks like the lefties and their sympathizers in the media got caught in this scam and are now going to ridiculous lengths to gloss over this debacle.
    I guess if Layton got them passes to the Commons gallery he s knee deep in sh- – for starters and there is more to come.
    Prentice's role if anything would have been to bloody the nose of that one protester – let's throw that one out there because it seems more plausible.

    • Actually, I think it was NDP MP Denise Savoie who got the passes.

  5. Having never been there, I didn't realize Canadians needed passes to get into the HoC gallery — isn't the public gallery for members of the public who show up?

    • Yes, you can line up ahead of time and wait to go into the public gallery. You will usually be seated at the South end across from the Speaker, provided there is space. Those with passes from MPs do have priority, and MPs regularly arrange for school groups, conference groups, etc. to sit in the North gallery above the Speaker. This was where the CYCC group was seated on Monday.

      If you are planning to go to Ottawa, it's always a good idea to call your MP's office in the a.m. and get a pass – you'll get a seat with a better view, and then you don't have to wait in a line-up. Some days there are so many school groups and tourists waiting that there won't be enough seats left. Question Period is always packed with people.

  6. Could this please be cleared up that young people are meeting with MP's expressing their concern over the lack of action to address this issue, the MP's continue to say that they are doing as much as they can possibly do when that is actually false. Their lack of political will is going to ensure that future generations will have to deal with much more impacts of global warming pollution since the science community is calling for ambitious action now from our leaders to prevent many major impacts from happening in the future. Leading scientist James Hansen, of NASA, has now advocated civil disobedience to catalyze political will to stop global warming pollution.

    This is the footage that was not shown on the Power & Politics show during the interview when Evan berated the protester who was injured when the Parliament security guards over reacted to the right that Canadian citizens hold to use their voice through civil disobedience when they feel they not being heard on the issue in this case decided to give a direct message to the House of Commons.

    [youtube 9p0i_JoiSWA youtube]

    You can also see that the protest had begun while a Conservative MP was speaking so the news spin coverage that this was a NDP publicity stunt due to the protest spilling over to when Jack Layton was also speaking is also very false and shows the low level of reporting on this incident.

    [youtube 6BWnkfhZ_3c youtube]

  7. Seems like the copy paste of the second video did not work, take a look at the CBC coverage with CPAC footage showing that the protest begins before Jack Layton speaks. Which strongly discredits the NDP publicity stunt theory.

    [youtube 6BWnkfhZ_3c youtube]

  8. what were the odds of this happening?