BEING ERICA Really Is "A Hotly Anticipated New Show" -

BEING ERICA Really Is “A Hotly Anticipated New Show”


One more thing about Being Erica, premiering tonight at 9: it’s very entertaining, and very promising — definitely worth a look. As I mentioned, it’s not always obvious from the marketing, but the producers have come up with a new twist on the “hot woman tries to get her life straightened out” genre represented by shows like Sophie and Samantha Who?, not just with the time travel stuff but with the addition of more real, credible emotion than you usually see on shows like this. That is, even though it’s a fantasy, Erica sometimes faces problems that feel “real” (like the recent death of her brother) as opposed to problems that could only be faced by cute heroines with improbably good wardrobes. The fact that the show shifts gears between comedy and drama is also a good sign, since it opens up the potential for different kinds of episodes rather than just doing the same story over and over. So there’s a lot to work with here.

In an interview with DMc, the producers of the show mention another promising thing about this show: ’90s fashions and music!

JS: It’s also nostalgia. We go back a lot to the nineties, which haven’t really been done in Time Travel shows. You go back to the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s… But for a lot of people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, the 90’s were big for us.

AM: There’s a lot of stuff in the 90’s that’s really cheesy and funny.

JS: You don’t even really know how far we’ve come til you try to do the 90’s every week.

With the ’00s almost (mercifully) over, it’s long past time for some really elaborate ’90s material (sort of like Family Guy came along at the end of the ’90s and made nonstop ’80s jokes), and Being Erica, with its references to Seattle-grunge tunes, Sex and the City and Y2K, is as good a place as any to find such things.

Interestingly, one of the cultural trends of the ’90s was making movies and TV shows about twentysomethings who didn’t know what to do with their lives. Now the trend is to make shows about…. thirtysomethings who don’t know what to do with their lives. So Erica, who is in her thirties and whose life is going nowhere, keeps going back to an era where every show was about people who were in their twenties and whose lives were going nowhere.

(And when you think about it, the ’80s abounded in movies about teenagers whose lives were going nowhere, which means that the kids from The Breakfast Club are now in their thirties and have been steadily going nowhere for over twenty years.)

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BEING ERICA Really Is “A Hotly Anticipated New Show”

  1. The CBC must be really pushing this show because I have seen articles all over Canadian msm the past few days about how great Erica is and this is at least your second post about it Jaime. Makes me suspicious when I see many articles saying how great CBC/Erica are with little dissent.

    • This is my second post about it because the first post didn’t mention that I thought it was entertaining. But in general, I’d say the reason you’re seeing a lot of pieces about it is that it premieres tonight and new shows always get a lot of coverage in the few days before they start. We’re just a little less used to it with Canadian shows, is all.

      • “We’re just a little less used to it with Canadian shows, is all.”

        True enough. Not used to seeing all sorts of write ups about new Canadian shows, that’s for sure. Re-reading my post and it sounds like I am questioning reviewers motives and I didn’t mean for it to. Just thought it odd how many positive reviews I have seen about Erica in the past few days.

  2. Thanks for answering my comment from your previous post.

  3. “(And when you think about it, the ’80s abounded in movies about teenagers whose lives were going nowhere, which means that the kids from The Breakfast Club are now in their thirties and have been steadily going nowhere for over twenty years.)”

    If by thirties, you mean early 40s… I graduated from highschool a good 10 years after the Breakfast Club was released, and I’m well into my thirties.

  4. When you say debuting at 9pm tonight, you mean against the last period of the Canada/Sweden world junior gold medal round?

  5. I can’t help it. This show, and all shows like it, are now just “Animal Instincts starrring Sarah Marshall” to me now…

  6. With the 2nd intermission and all the penalty break I was able to watch a fair bit of the show. It was pretty good I thought.

  7. I liked this show better when it was called Quantuum Leap. Isn’t there already a highly successful “do-over” show on tv, called My Name is Earl?

    I find the lead character so annoying. I was really hoping Dr. Tom would give up on her by the end, but alas, it looks like we’re going to see Erica do the same stupid stuff every week. Travel back in time to a cliche-ridden theme-party event in her life, try to fix some stupid mistake that ultimately doesn’t really change anything, and we lucky viewers get to see her bitch and moan about it.

    I tuned into this show about a 1/3 of the way in, and even rewatcing the opening later, it still made no sense whatsoever.

    I think the lead actress has got to be one of the worst actresses I’ve ever laid eyes on. But, she has that perpetually young look and this show is all about travelling back to when she was young.

    My question is, how long can they sustain this premise without it collapsing in on itself or Dr. Tom deciding to just end Erica’s miserable existence?

  8. Ugh. Yet another idiotic waste of taxpayer money from the Corpse.

    How to outdo the half-baked, wince-worthy “comedy” of Sophie? Why, add a sci-fi psychobabble twist of course! Just once why don’t they try to make a funny show using the tried and true methods: funny writers, funny actors, and funny ideas. This show has NONE of these elements.

    To make matters worse, they seem determined to impress us with how reckless their music licensing budget is. How many American pop songs do they need to toss into each episode to prove the emptiness of their creative bank account? Ah, good ol’ CBC. The regimes change, but somehow the shows all smell the same. At least they’re impressively consistent.