Bernier: Counsel for the defence


A former staffer in Maxime Bernier’s office blogs in the ex-minister’s ardent defence. (And in French.) Martin Masse’s argument is that many of Bernier’s so-called “gaffes” were trivial and that most journalists overlook one of Bernier’s major policy victories while at Industry. Philippe Gohier and I finished an article today on Bernier for the issue that starts hitting newsstands on Thursday and, while I suspect Masse won’t like some of the article, we did find room to describe that victory against the CRTC.


Bernier: Counsel for the defence

  1. Bernier’s public musing about replacing the governor of Kanahar was far from trivial. Egregious is a better word. Not only was it hugely inappropriate, but it undermined the very result he was hoping for and displayed a stunning lack of insight into how diplomacy works.

  2. We got that covered too. This article’s gonna have something for everyone!

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