Bernier: The critics are raving -

Bernier: The critics are raving


From Yves Boisvert’s column in La Presse, which is not normally a funny read, but you know, sometimes there’s material:

“There is at least one piece of good news in all this: Maxime Bernier was taking work home from the office.

“What could he have taken to Julie Couillard’s? Hmm. Let me guess. I think it was a top-secret briefing for the Foreign Affairs minister entitled: ‘List of UN Member Nations, Their Capitals and their Chiefs of State In Alphabetical Order, Along with a Crayon for Colouring.'”


Bernier: The critics are raving

  1. “Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic. Your land is mostly mountainous, And your chief export is chrome.”

  2. Hi, I’m Maxime’s cell phone but no matter how many times you call to tell him he better not forget that briefing binder he needs at the NATO meeting, he isn’t going to answer. Why? Because he’s an idiot! his phone plan doesn’t give him any coverage when he’s at Julie’s place! So keep calling …

  3. You’re a communist state, You’re a red regime…

  4. I’d just like to know when this whole affair turned into an episode of Seinfeld…Coooooo-stan-za!

  5. Robert, I think you meant Cheers…

    thanks Coach!