Best TV-Related Headline Ever…


“Groundbreaking study links pregnancy with watching sexy TV shows.”

The study, however, was conducted using shows that aired from 2001 through 2004, and must therefore be considered outdated. After Janet Jackson, nipples and buttocks have been eliminated from TV and our teenagers are safe.

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Best TV-Related Headline Ever…

  1. A study by RAND corp? They probably hate sex.

  2. RANDY corp, actually.

    I guess ‘abstinence’ has to extend to ‘Next Top Model’. Shame.

  3. This seems like a terribly flawed study to me. Presumably, the T.V. shows picked for the study are pretty popular T.V. shows (being racy… sex sells and all). So, isn’t the study really saying “teens who watch popular programming are more likely to get pregnant” and isn’t that awfully close to “teens who are popular are more likely to get pregnant”?

    I mean, sure, the kid watching That 70s Show and Gossip Girl is probably more likely to get pregnant than a kid who watches Lawrence Welk and Little House on the Prairie but isn’t that mostly because the later teen is less likely to have sex? (Well, yes, that seems obvious, but what I mean here is not “less likely to want to have sex” but “less likely to find someone willing to have sex with them”). I mean if you re-did the study with SciFi shows instead of racy shows, I suspect you’d see viewers being less likely to get pregnant than non-viewers, but isn’t that more connected to the difficulties of a Trekkie in getting laid than to the high moral content of Star Trek?

    It seems to me kinda like saying that kids who listen to rock and roll are more likely to get pregnant than kids who listen to polka. But couldn’t that be because no one wants to go out with, let alone have sex with, the kids who listen to polka?

  4. It seems to me that the study in question found that there was a correlation between pregnancies and watching sexy tv shows, but then they randomly decided that one causes the other. Isn’t it possible that there is some third factor? For example, kids coming from negligent parents may both be more likely to watch sexy tv and to get pregnant. Just because two things are correlated doesn’t imply causality.

  5. University stats class…. confounding of the explanatory variates…..

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