Better know your government finances


The team has put together a special budget page with interactive charts on government revenues and expenditures, deficits, surpluses and public debt.

Paul Wells, John Geddes and Tamsin McMahon are currently sequestered with the federal budget and will emerge at 4pm EST with thorough coverage. I’ll be taking in the scene on Parliament Hill and keep an eye on Erica Alini’s Econowatch for news and notes throughout the day.


Better know your government finances

  1. “Paul Wells, John Geddes and Tamsin McMahon”

    I look forward to Geddes’ inevitable consultation with totally objective lifelong public sector union members – or “experts” as he calls them – on this budget, which is believed to be leading to mass public sector union layoffs.  That should be an unpredictable, mature, edgy read. 

    Perhaps he can also find a totally objective unionized university professor wholly dependent on the government gravy train who will offer fair and mature analysis of this budget, for balance.  Because that’s Maclean’s: edgy, mature and unpredictable.

    • You obviously haven’t read Maclean’s editorials in a while.  Union members are basically described as a bunch of children who should be happy they get any scraps at all from those charitable management softies.  Negotiations should start with something management can immediately accept so that the final contract can restore serfdom to all.  Because the economy.  If union members don’t like it, they can take their gripes up with their local Pinkerton.

  2. (I’ll save some time and effort for some of the regulars)

    Sequestered!!  Where’s the transparency!!!!  *&^%$ Harper!

  3. “Better know your government finances”

    PJ O’Rourke ~ Economics is an entire scientific discipline of not knowing what you’re talking about

  4. Well, look at that – the Cons have already got their snark on.

    •  It’s been a bad few weeks for them, and it’s about to get worse, so the snark will be at record levels.

    • Always on the defensive – but they seem to be getting a little paranoid.