Bev Oda is trying SO HARD -

Bev Oda is trying SO HARD

You have to admire Oda’s grade-school panache


Like many of you, I have long been dismayed by the meagre entertainment value provided by the federal political scandals in our country.

The U.S. gets Wide Stance: The Larry Craig Story. The U.S. gets a shirtless Republican lothario. The U.S. gets members of Congress impugning gays but then turning out to be gay, or defending family values and then turning out to be adulterers, or claiming to be literate and then turning out to be Sarah Palin.

We get Bev Oda’s paperwork.

At first glance, this scandal doesn’t have a lot going for it. No money stolen. No abs revealed. No action-packed subplot about Aztec gold. And no one I care about involved. In fact, until just recently I was pretty sure that KAIROS was a character from The Matrix.

Still: going all out to make this one worth watching, Oda is.

(Thank you. Here all week. Veal.)

You have to admire the grade-school panache with which Oda tried to pull this off. The little up-arrow. The word NOT all in caps. SO ADORABLE. It’s just how the climactic scene of In the Loop would have played out if the brilliant British spin doctor had been replaced by an eight-year-old boy, or a clever parakeet. (Also: it’s weirdly endearing that she wrote – or had written – only the word NOT, instead of DO NOT. I not approve of her grammar!)

Yesterday, Oda said: “The way in which this case has been handled, including by myself, has been unfortunate.”

That’s a spectacular quote. It appears to be an apology of sorts, or at least an admission of… something. It’s benign enough that at first you pass right over it, accepting it for what it seems to be. But let’s parse it a little more closely.

“The way in which this case has been handled…”

Nice use of the passive voice there. Effectively distances Oda from responsibility even as she pretends to attempt to take it. The passive voice: the official voice of those up shit’s creek!

“… including by myself…”

Here’s the money clause. By saying “including by myself,” Oda again appears to take an element of responsibility. But wait: Isn’t this “case” ENTIRELY about herself? Who else’s self is it about? She ordered the document doctored. She lied – flat-out lied – about doing so. She even lied about why the decision to defund KAIROS was made in the first place. It’s like Tiger Woods saying: The way in which this sex life has been handled, including by myself, has been unfortunate.

“… has been unfortunate.”

Again, this is just brilliant. What happened was not a mistake, not an error. Not a lapse in judgment. Not a firing offence. Not the lamest attempt at document-tampering since I scratched out “sample,” put on a monocle and tried to cash that “You may have won $10,000,000!” cheque from Publishers Clearinghouse. It’s unfortunate – like overcooking the salmon or forgetting to put the Chablis in the fridge.

Oh, darn it all: I doctored a government document, altered the intentions of two senior government bureaucrats and lied about it to Parliament.


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Bev Oda is trying SO HARD

  1. Canadians don't expect honesty from CONs Scott! Canadians like being lied to. They enjoy the disingenuous remarks and attack ads. Its fun kicking the other guy and then shrugging and pretending you didn't do it. It's the Harper way.

    • You are letting them off too easily, Tceh. I want to have greater expectations from the Canadian government, no matter who is in power. I don't understand why the IPSOS-Reid and other polls still show as much support for this party. Have they lowered our expectations that low?

      • Let me try to help you understand why the more Liberals complain about matters then the more their support drops in the eyes of Canadians.
        You see, we don`t really care about the mechanics of the rejection of the 7 million funding to Kairos—-we just want to see them rejected.

        Maybe Scott can do one of his sarc-funny pieces to show that the gov`t is just trying to save paper by slipping in the word " not " in the original.
        Or even better, they could use hand signals—no paper needed—give the thumbs up for an approval and a finger up for rejection.

        • Are you serious? Like you neocons wouldn't be frothing at the mouth if McGuinty did this?

        • I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune if people were saying "we didn't care about how much it cost to keep Quebec in Canada, or where that money went, as long as it was successful."

          End, means, justification, etc.

          • As I said before, it is silly to compare the corrupt actions of a government using the excuse of national unity to pay off friends in Quebec, with that of a government that chooses to discontinue the annual funding to Kairos.

          • It's 'silly' that the current government put themselves in a position that even remotely lent itself to that comparison, especially as their entire mantra for the past five years has been "Accountability and Transparency".

      • Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. I was busy blotting out all thoughts of politics with this here double double, as I race to get my kid to the rink on time.
        But I gotta tell ya: I fully support the troops every step of the way and I resent that you don't too

    • What really scares me is not Bev Oda herself, but the voters of Durham constituency who voted for her. What kind of people would actually do that?

  2. It has taken just five years for the Reformatories to screw io big time!

    Reformatories now feel that they are entitled to their entitlements at taxpayers expense! After all their bib boss, PM Harper is doling our the patronage posts like there no tomorrow!

    Minister Bev Oda is quite thick in the head if she thinks her statement to the House meets any ethical standards whatsoever.

    All of this is a mere image of the self-righteousness of the U. S. Republicans and their modus operandi. Republicans profess to be good evangelical Christians living by the Good Book but then turn out to the worst scoundrels walking this earth.

    If Harper refuses to sack Oda then we all know that his Evangelical Christian beliefs are just pure sham, a window dressing to hide his addiction to power.

    • What does not granting CIDA money have anything to do with Evangelical Christianity, or American Republicans? Isn't this about a Canadian Minister, a Canadian charity, and a Canadian Aid Organization? Surely the only Evangelical part of this story is the charity that didn't receive the funding. And lastly, how is Christianity is an addiction to power?

      Notwithstanding your non-sequiturs, Oda bungled this file pretty badly.

  3. I can understand Feschuk`s frustration for " finding meagre entertainment value provided by the federal political scandals in our country ". The best he can come up with now is to question the wording of a gov`t document that rejects the continued annual funding from an organization that John MacKay say has had a " relationship with the government since 1977 ".

    So the end result is the government saves 7 million dollars of questionable funding.

    —Not much of a political scandal—-NOT like the good old days Scott when you were in the government and millions of public dollars were used to pay off Liberal friends in Quebec. Now that was a scandal—-those were the days.

    • Question the wording of the document? Send me a blank cheque. I'll only put in $5. Promise.

      • —-interesting that you would use the term " blank cheque " . That is what organizations like Kairos have become used to over the years.
        And that is what this whole kerfuffle is all about—-another of the left-wing conservative establishment groups has been told that their entitled days are over. So now they are angry. They lash out. They go to their friends in the Liberal Party for support.
        The continued poor judgment of the folks in the LPC grasps on to this issue and wonder why their support is 24% and dropping.

        • Welcome to another exciting episode of This Week in Missing the Point!

          • Oh I understand your point and your agenda.

            I am just asking you if you think there was more entertainment value in the good old days when Liberals were wasting public funds on their friends.

            The best you can come up with now is to question how the conservatives reject the continued funding of groups like Kairos.

          • Damn right it was more entertaining back then. I got a motorbike!

            Honestly, Blue, you need to try a little harder. I'm all for a good back and forth but you need to restrict your interventions to within 30 nautical miles of the point. You know, the lies, the doctoring, that stuff.

          • And I am just trying to help you out in understanding why people will find no entertainment value in this story.

            If Oda uses an underhanded method to give 7 million dollars to an undeserving organization like Kairos then that is a scandal.

            If Oda uses a questionable communication method of rejecting the 7 million dollar funding of Kairos and then does not recall the details exactly when she is being interrogated at Committee, then the public will quickly forgive her no matter how many pieces you and Wherry devote to the cause.

          • I'm impressed. if the Liberals responded to adscam like this, instead of treating it seriously and investigating it, Paul Martin would be in his third term!

          • You are still missing the point.
            The Liberals wasted public funds on their friends.
            The Conservatives are reducing public spending by rejecting funding to groups like Kairos.

          • I am not sureyou know themeaning of the phrase "missing the point".

          • The Conservatives are so steeped in lies that they probably can't see the point.

          • Even if you are against foreign aid, you don't go about implementing policy in such an unprofessional, haphazard manner.

          • Well, okay, Blue. So how about the Conservatives SAY the CPP and OAS cheques are going out in the mail on the 27th. Then they just . . . don't. Or they're not signed. Or they have no amount on them. Heh, the government just saved itself millions of dollars (I assume, but don't know) and who the hell cares about the people counting on that money? You can just tell them that they no longer fit the age parameters for receiving such benefit. Whatever, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that the government saves money, even when it flies in the face of published funding priorities, well-articulated and understood processes for funding applications and the like.

          • Jenn, I`m surprised someone like yourself who knows how important CPP and OAS cheques mean to many of our elderly would make a comparison between those entitlements that ordinary folks worked their whole life to attain and the entitlements that the folks at Kairos feel they should receive every year, just because that is the way it`s always been.

          • Elderly schmelderly. It's welfare, pure and simple, like you'd expect from a welfare state. Old people never did anything for me. They certainly don't perform actions that adhere to my political priorities.

            I think our glorious leader should just stop paying everything. Write NOT into all our contracts and agreements. Cancel the cheques before the recipients give them to the bank.

            If people can't deal with it — if they don't get the vision — they should just learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Or if they don't have boots, they can just tie some twine to their feet or something.

          • I don't disagree that KAIROS isn't entitled to the funding.

            That said, if a Minister of International Development is going to reject a recommendation from CIDA which eliminates funding to a group that CIDA has determined is worthy of funding for over 30 years, is it really appropriate to do so by ordering her "staff" (can't get more specific than that since Oda apparently knows she gave the order, but has no idea who carried it out) to insert a scrawled three letter addition to an official CIDA recommendation, and then pretend for months on end not only that she has no idea how the word got there, but also to state that CIDA actually intended THEMSELVES to deny funding, even though that's patently false.

            Frankly, at this point, I'm actually becoming convinced that Oda actually WAS trying to make it look like CIDA inserted the "not" into the document themselves and give the impression that this was CIDA all along recommending that KAIROS be de-funded, not the Tories. I know it sounds ridiculous that a Minister of the Crown could attempt to pull off such a plan in such a ham-fisted way, but frankly, this explanation makes a lot more sense than the yarn the Minister is spinning these days

          • The Conservatives are reducing public spending by rejecting funding to groups like Kairos.

            Sure. And the three months the Minister spent both implicitly and EXPLICITLY distancing the government from that decision? Acting as though she had no idea how the word "not" got added to that document? Explicitly stating that CIDA recommended that the group not be funded when CIDA actually recommended the OPPOSITE of that? These aren't problems???

            I'd be much more convinced that everything's fine and this is just a case of the Tories choosing to stop funding a group, as is their prerogative, if the Minister in charge hadn't spent months and months giving the impression that she had NO IDEA how or why the decision was made, only that she was certain that it was based on somebody else's recommendation, and certainly not HER idea.

            If this was just a case of a Minister making a Ministerial decision, Oda could have cleared that up back in December when everyone and their dog was trying to get her to explain how the word "not" got added to that document. Was "I told my staff to add it after I signed the document" really something she had to wait over 90 days before saying?

          • Whose getting all that maternal health money?

          • Hello Blue – where do you get it was an "undeserving organization"? The funding was highly recommended by CIDA after review. It's like if a student got an A on an exam, but then the Principal walks in and adds a big red NOT on the report, failing the student. Based on what? This casts a doubt over the value of the whole grading system…

          • Lay off Blue – this is him trying harder. He's working off pre-2006 talking points.

          • Blue objects to $7 million to Canadian churches to do work on behalf of Canadians in third world countries but gives the government a free ride on billions going to Lockheed Martin. This is the new fiscal conservatism.

          • Haven't you heard. Soft power is out, hard power's in. Canada's back baby!!

        • This kerfuffle is about the fact that a minister of the crown lied to parliament —

          • Consequences are for Liberals, silly!

          • Parliamentary ethics is now the Trix Rabbit.

    • Do you feel Bev Oda's behaviour has been transparent and accountable?
      Professional? Ethical?

    • Just like the billions paid to Reform supporters during the G20 contracts, stimulus package, untended F35 Jets purchase and more to come when this Govt is sent packing. Blue, grow up and stick to the point of discussion instead of the reform way of blaming others for their actions. When will your likes take reseponsibiliy for your actions and say The buck stops with you guys?

  4. The worse part of all of this (to me at least) is that Bev's the best choice we have for political leadership. Think about this for a moment as a concept. Of all the Canadians out there, Bev Oda is the one who got elected and of all the people who got elected she's the one that Stephen Harper vetted as the best person to carry out this job.

    I'm not ragging on the CON's or pretending the LIB's would be any better, simply making the observation that out of 30+ million Canadians, this is the cream that rises to the top of our political sphere. Perhaps the problem isn't that Bev did a poor job of doctoring documents, or that she lied about it so badly but instead that she was allowed to be there in the first place.

    Seriously, ask yourself … if you'd opened a business and hired somebody to manage it for you, is this the woman you'd have picked from the applicant pool?

    • Harper's bench strength does kinda make the argument for having non-MP cabinet members, don't it?

      • The Conservatives' views on women entice the best and the brightest to join their party – NOT!

      • Or an argument for dispensing with democracy altogether. Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn't do better selecting random names from hats…

        • In fact, a lottery system to choose an odd-numbered council is exactly my preferred option.

    • When you think about how toxic the atmosphere has become in Ottawa, how personal, how tribal, is it really any surprise that anyone with any real talent for leadership or desire to make Canada work a little better is passing on the place? Unless, that is you have a hide like an elephant, a lot of determination or, as in Bev's case, no idea what you're doing in the first place. Ottawa's become a form of public school, complete with masses of adoring sycophantic followers and a headboy. Welcome to the Harper revolution, just don't forget to leave your ego and your self respect at the door.

      • "Ottawa's become a form of public school, complete with masses of adoring sycophantic followers and a headboy. Welcome to the Harper revolution, just don't forget to leave your ego and your self respect at the door."

        While not conceding the point, how exactly is this alleged state of affairs a "Harper revolution"? Or are you just too young to be familiar with "da little guy from Shawinigan" (or the philospher king in whose image our nation continues to strive to reflect)?

        • Neither Trudeau nor for that matter Chretien went out of their way to encourage complete incompetents or sheep like sychophants to wield power in any meaningful way. Nor could it be said they created an atmosphere that discouraged talented individuals to try their luck in Ottawa.

          • Touche – my bad for intimating Trudeau had sycophantic followers ('cept maybe for that Lib woman who sought him out to father her child when he was, like, 70). As for Chretien, I acknowledge that strangling protesters doesn't necessarily represent discouragement of talented individuals from trying their luck in Ottawa.

          • Unlike Harper, Chretein was man enough to do the dirty work himself instead of giving it to surbodinates and when they are caught, washes his hands off. Seriously, you Reformers do not seems to get it. What she has done and lied about is enough to fire anybody in the Private sector and for the Reformers in thier post and actions to be standing by this lady is disgusting and tells a lot about the sorry state of affairs in this Country. I don't care if she was a Cons., Lib, NDP, Bloc, she should tender her resignation or be fired, Period.

          • "Unlike Harper, Chretein was man enough to do the dirty work himself instead of giving it to surbodinates and when they are caught, washes his hands off."

            Get with the program, Luck – I can't believe you're so ignorant of the conventional wisdom – Harper is a control freak, donchaknow – he gives NOTHING to subordinates – you are not allowed to post again until you've read Harperland three times.

            "What she has done and lied about is enough to fire anybody in the Private sector"

            After you've finished the required reading, your next task is to do a little noting up on the topic "Differences between the treatment of public sector and private sector employee foibles".

    • Even more boggling she has been picked as their representative by the good people of Bowmanville pretty much non-stop since 2004.

  5. What Oda did here is so ham-fisted that its hard to believe anybody would try it. It's like something out of a bad cartoon.

    If nothing else, she should be fired for sheer incompetence.

  6. I'm 95% sure that the Conservatives will somehow use this issue to fundraise $2M from their base.

  7. and Christopher….this is exacly the point us people are making

    Is say 10% at best are qualified for any public job, shes obviously a rookie – and her noobness speaking is downright scary.
    Head of Calgary Utility board was nothing but a Playboy – and was paid double the closest equal
    and had parties with Rockstars to entertain him.
    List goes on

    • Hey, what's wrong with noobness? We're not *all* scary.

      • She's not a rookie. She's been demonstrating incompetence as a cabinet minister for 5 years now.

        • And she stands on her record of lack of achievement, which unfortunately is what her party's base wants from her.

  8. The murky truth is that most religions, if not all, have buried in their law of dogma, a sort of "notwithstanding" clause. That would be that a lie is not sinful provided it is directed at the enemy. In the case of this government, that is just about anyone who insists on the truth. The rest are the huddling masses trembling in the presence of Foghorn Leghorn Baird. These detractors comprise a substantial demographic for Harperite zealots whose grip on the truth is nothing if not tenuous, particularly in the domain of rights and democracy under the advisement of B'nai B'rith Canada. Canada…..I don't recognize it. Am I allowed to say that?

    • you forgot to mention the JDL as lobby grp…they don't like ppl who are nice to the ppl of Gaza

  9. Great piece, but Oda's grammar is OK. Let's not strain at that gnat. If it's correct to say (subjunctive) "to indicate [that] you approve," it's equally correct to say "to indicate [that] you not approve."

    The funniest line from Oda to date has been her claim that the format of the document allowed only concurrence. It doesn't seem to have occurred to her that she could have simply withheld her signature and issued her own decision letter.

    That's one tangled web she's weaving, in any case. The PMO must be beside themselves having such a transparently inept ally trying to cover for it. You can hear them saying back in December, "Nice of her to fall on her sword, but could she sharpen the damn thing first?" I guess she finally did so yesterday.

    • Or she could write "Not approved" and initial it like any halfwit knows enough to do.

    • This is what I find hilarious, that she had no option but to alter it. Like if I handed you a cheque made out to me, your only option would be to sign it and add a "NOT PAY" to it.

    • "Nice of her to fall on her sword, but could she sharpen the damn thing first?"

      Brilliant line!

  10. Harper sure has the monopoly on the thick and gullible in Canada. From the fumbling noobs like Oda and Day to the fanatic supporters who see no wrong in criminal actions, he has chosen well.

    There is so, so much to make fun with from this hillbilly government. I only hope we can still laugh when we finally get rid of this criminal albatross.

    • never happen. we have seen the swift rise of The Rube Nation both here and south of the border. this incident will ASSURE a harper majority. yes – canadians are THAT stupid

      • Yeah, that`s it—–stupid Canadians. If only we had a nation of Russell Barths—oh those stupid Canadians.

        • You're not disproving his case there, Blue.

    • Again, with the noob attacks. Don't lump all of us noobs together, it's discrimination.

    • OK, so "latte sipping (L)liberals" is namecalling, but "hllbilly" is okay? really?

      • Yes. Also redneck, half-wit, and inbred git are fine. It didn't used to be, but about the time they started shouting "Taliban Jack" every time Layton stood to speak, they earned all the names we care to call them.

  11. the RALY scary part is, the tory pundits and supporters will rationalize and justify this criminal offense by critisizing the Liberals, KAIROS, and anyone who has even 0.1% misgivings that Israel is anything but perfect. one third of the country will ignore the fact that she committed a crime, lied about it, and then lied about lying about it.

    tories could run a werewolf and the faithful would still vote tory.

    • yes our candidate turns into a wolf at the full moon and has indiscrimately slaughtered farmers' livestock. But you need strong leadership, and it's not like he worked abroad for extended periods!


    • Mikey here has nicely proven your point, Russell. These gullible Harperites truly are oblivious to right and wrong, or they accept that wrong is OK as long as it's Harper doing it. I think its a little of both.

  12. Hey, here's a question I haven't seen asked or answered.

    How many ministers sign documents denying funding? I thought if the tens/hundreds/thousands of requests didn't meet the funding criteria, they'd be screened out well before they got to the minister's desk.

    Or ^NOT?

    This has a bad Oda.

    • So you are suggesting that the document was actually approved before it was refused?

      Makes sense to me!

      • That's my guess.

      • Once PMO found out what she had done, they got her to unsign it.

    • How does that work with the Kenney announcement in Israel timing-wise?
      She signs it before, then afterward there is this ham-fisted undo?


      • The only difference with Diane Ablonczy and the gay pride funding demotion was the cheque was already in the mail. Unsend was not an option.

        [notice how Tony Clement was also then the go-to guy/PM's Mr. Fixit]

  13. Should you happen to be a non-profit looking for federal government funding, don't mention "empowerment of women" anywhere in your mission statement. As shown here, MATCH learned the hard way and had their funding cut:

    • Why do women need clubs to empower them? As a woman I find all of the special interest groups offensive and would like someone to explain why we need separate representation to empower us.

  14. That was too easy, but what else can you do when a target presents itself? Thanks Feschuk

  15. IMO, this whole affair has the PMO's fingerprints all over it. It's plausible that KAIROS had been red-flagged by "the center" as an agency that didn't follow the party line on Israel, so that any initiative around their funding had to be kicked upstairs for vetting. I'm thinking that's were the "NOT" was inserted.

    Oda's taking one for the boss.

    • Kairos also was going to work on social justice in areas where Canadian mining companies don't like social justice.

  16. That para about US foibles was hilarious SF. I missed much of it, not being even a tv watcher let alone cable/sat. The line about the Congressman/woman impugning gays and turning out to be gay had me crying – it really did. Did that happen? Man i gotta watch more tv, i'm missing out.

    Replacing Oda with a trained parrot wouldn't be a bad idea either, although someone would still have to clean up after it, so it might be a wash.

    • But imagine all the funny dialogues:

      "This cabinet minister is deceased!"

      "No it's not, it's pining for the fjords"

  17. At least now we some idea what our lonely, overworked PM was up to in his almost midnight oil burining marathon.

    [grumbling]" Goddamn! why is that half-wit over at the min of international constipation sending me this for? I must have told her a dozen times already: if you're not sure, just write "not approved" on it…sigh. I'll send it back. Surely she can't screw that up, can she?

    [more grumbling] Now who can i give this security perimeter thingy to? John? Too mouthy!
    Jason…nah he wants my job!
    Stock…oh god!
    Maxime…sounds of open sobbing can be heard echoing around the almost empty and forlorn Langevin block.

  18. I agree with Blue when he/she says "If Oda uses an underhanded method to ^NOT^ give 7 million dollars to a –deserving organization like Kairos then that is a scandal." Good point Blue.

  19. I'm still gobsmacked that the Globe and Mail article on this has over 1700 comments. I don't really keep score with this sort of thing, but that's even higher than all those stories about UBB that shook the country a couple of weeks ago.

    I would think that the Conservatives should probably take this issue seriously, instead of pretending that no one cares about it.

    • The only people over at the Globe are students Liberals and teachers. So what does that say? Nothing.

  20. KAIROS is sure milking this for all it is worth. SF only recently became aware of who they were – all this media coverage should be good for fund raising. Anyone that feels sorry for them should buy a T-shirt. Maybe if they sell enough they won't need $7 million from the taxpayers.

    Make a statement!

    Purchase a t-shirt to support KAIROS – funky *and* functional!
    Shirts are available short or long sleeved with the text “KAIROS is (NOT) going away”. The logo is displayed on the reverse.

    Short sleeved – $20
    Long sleeved – $25
    Available in a variety of sizes.
    Bulk discounts are available.

    • Just so everyone knows who we are talking about, here is a list of the member organizations of KAIROS:

      Anglican Church of Canada
      Christian Reformed Church in North America
      Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
      The Presbyterian Church in Canada
      United Church of Canada
      Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
      Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace
      Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
      Canadian Religious Conference
      Mennonite Central Committee of Canada
      The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

      This list pretty much covers a majority of the religious institutions in Canada. How can Harper get away with throwing dirt in so many faces.

      I'll bet that if this application came from Stephen Harper's Alliance Church Bev Oda would have apporved it after adding another zero to the amount approved.

  21. I think Oda is the sacrificial lamb.This looks like PMO editing.

    • Based on my recollection of Oda's previous screwups, I'd bet she did this all by her myself.

  22. ^No kidding.

    Why have senior civil servants advise you – heck, why bother with asking anyone but the P.M. before you agree to well, anything.

  23. I'm glad someone else noticed the atrocious writing in the document (adding insult to injury of the shameful dishonesty and moronic reason for defunding the organisation in the first place).

  24. Dear Mr. Feschuk,
    I don't know what the LPC or Opposition's plans are, but I assume everyone knows Oda is a fall gal. Perhaps the Opposition might be clever enough to pursue the matter of who actually ordered the "NOT", and why. That might prove interesting.

  25. Like everything else in Ottawa nothing will come of this. Sure she should be fired (I wonder if there is a law broken?), and people outraged that she had the audacity to do such a thing, bad grammar and all, but it will blow over like that census thing….

    • Why?

  26. The whole issue is a shameful cover-up of the government's refusal to live up to its responsibilities and commitments to contribute 0.7% of the GNP to Foreign Aid. They don't have the guts to tell those organizations to make foreign aid possible that the money needs to be spent on planes and economic situation in our own country, the country that is so sucessful at staving off recession and financial meltdowns. Let's hide and deny and let Oda with all her unethical ramblings take the blame.! They, the Conservatives or at least their leader support her and let her be the scapegoat. How can they toss her out, if she is a successful sacrificial lamb?
    We need a few hundred thousand Egyptians here to call our government to accountability.

    • I think you should be charged with trying to incite a riot. This government was elected fair and square and when the day comes when the opposition has the balls to bring it down we will once again elect a government. To even compare this to Egypt shows the juvenile thought process that seems to be prevalent here

  27. Disgusting. And the only thing more disgusting than Oda's idiotic actions is the government shrugging and telling Canadians this kind of action is acceptable. It's okay. This, our governemnt is telling us, is what they meant by accountability.

  28. Al Davis detects a strong Oda.

  29. Oda lied. Plan and simple. That is not tolerated in my house, why should it be tolerated in The House of Commons. Past behaviour usually indicates future behaviour….so what else has she lied about and what will she lie about next. She must go!!!

  30. i only want to know why the funding was refused. can anyone tell me

  31. How in the name of God did she ever make it to Parliament?