Bev Oda stops off for a bite to eat on the way home


McDonald’s clerk: Would you like fries with that, ma’am?

/ John Baird bursts through the door

Baird: The minister has been very clear that she made the decision NOT to have fries. This is the kind of responsibility that ministers are expected to exercise at every meal, and the minister has made the decision. The minister made the right decision. She made the correct decision. I believe she made the courageous decision and did the right thing.

Oda: But I’m actually kind of hungry and–

/ Rona Ambrose steps in front of Oda.

Baird: The minister was very clear that she, and she alone, made the decision not to have fries. The minister made the decision to focus on her Filet o’ Fish and her medium Sprite. She made the right decision. She has always been very clear. She said it before. She repeated it again. The minister has done an outstanding job of ordering. Only in our country would a minister face questions about making the clear decision NOT to have fries with that.

Oda: So, so hungry…

McDonald’s clerk: Um, I think she wants some fries.

Baird: The McDonald’s clerk can form his own opinions about what the minister should order, but he does not have the right to decide what the facts of the order are. The minister – and the minister alone – decided not to have fries with that. That was her decision and it remains her decision. McDonald’s is awfully lucky to have her. She should be applauded.

/ Oda licks the fry salt off a used plastic tray

McDonald’s clerk: Is that for here or to go?

Baird: The minister rejects the premise of the question.

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Bev Oda stops off for a bite to eat on the way home

  1. The minister rejects the premise of the question.


  2. First good laugh I've had all day!!

  3. I know it ages me but every time I see/hear Mr. Baird, I get a sudden mental
    image of Miss Piggy. A cause for concern ?

    • He make me think of Ralph Kramden

      • your but he's the one that belongs on the moon

    • I see a resemblance to Mr Incredible, sans mask.

    • yes ! yes! i totally have the same problem lol

  4. So if we see a photo of Bev Oda out behind the Parliament buildings with a french fry dangling from her lips…..

  5. *slow-clap*

  6. The funny part is that the clerk actually did ask Ms. Oda about the "NOt" scandal, and that was STILL Baird's answer.

  7. Post script: Suddenly, Scott Feschuk appears out of nowhere and starts regurgitating the Liberal party narrative and talking points… everyone ignores him. McOdagate is over, and the country survives, but for how long? The End.

    • "Oda licks the fry salt off a used plastic tray" is a Liberal party talking point? Wow, this election is going to be interesting.

      • The Liberals have talking points for all fast-food related ministerial scenarios. They totally would have forced Lisa Raitt to resign if only she'd stepped foot into a KFC.

    • Harperite's answer to everything: blame the Liberals.

      Time for a new narrative.

  8. Every time I see Baird shouting his fool head off I think of that Chris Farley character on SNL – "IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER'
    Harper is the church lady "now isnt that special"

    • LOL – thanks cmackie, you just gave me idea ;-)

    • The Chris Farley character always reminds me of Rob Ford.

      • Yeah now that Ford is on the scene, I guess he does look more like Farley but the image is now ingrained in my head that its Baird. It may be hard to change now. lol

  9. Pure fantasy

    A hungry Bev Oda would follow party directives and eat at Tim Hortons – the place where real Canadians go to rub (their worn plaid) elbows with leaders who know the best coffee is brewed right here in good ol' Canada.

    • Actually Conservative cabinet ministers put on their invisibility cloak and visit the lefty organic coffee shops near the hill. Dirty, dirty secrets…

      • What? But that coffee isn't grown in Canada, by real true Canadian coffee farmers!

        Just wait until their base hears about this.

  10. Good to start the morning with a chuckle.
    Thankfully the clerk didn't ask her to super-size it.

  11. As a rule, I don’t pass along these “add your name” lists that appear in emails, BUT this one is important. It has been circulating for months – sent to 20 million people.

    To show your support for Michael Ignatieff, please go to the end of the list and add your name.

    1. Mrs. Ignatieff – depends on whether he takes out the garbage and picks up his socks.

  12. Feschuk! Have you been reading Hansard again?

    In certain debating clubs, that's like reading porn.

    • "The wild Baird explodes in ecstasy upon seeing the long shaft of the Mace. The wild Baird has always wondered what was hiding under the Speakers robe. As the Speaker motioned Baird to speak, Baird roared like the lion on Canada's coat-of-arms. He penetrated his responses like the unicorn. Yes, yes, Mr. Speaker!"