Bob Rae v. Time -

Bob Rae v. Time


MPs rising during Question Period are allotted 35 seconds to state their query. Exceed that time and the Speaker will cut off your microphone. Your intervention will then appear abbreviated (ending with a long dash) in Hansard.

Over the past week, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae, who admirably does not speak from a written script, rose to ask 16 questions. He failed to finish before being cut off a total of seven times—see here, here, here, here, here and here (and one question this morning). For the month, he’s run of time on a total of 12 occasions.

If you enjoy wagering on Question Period, you might add “Will Bob Rae finish his question in time?” to your list of prop bets.


Bob Rae v. Time

  1. LOL Wherry thinks it’s admirable that he doesn’t use a script, even though it makes him far more useless as a Parliamentarian. Why am I not surprised? In Wherry’s eyes it’s all about impressing the media.

    • I think there’s something in your eyes; a bit of bias smut, perhaps. I suppose it’s true, that perspective and natural inclination lend to one’s predispositi to see a glass as half full or half empty, but only occluded vision can explain what could only otherwise be seen as willful misinterpretation. To me, a casual observer, this post is about pointing out Rae’s failures. But if you simply must have your pound of flesh, fire away.

      • ‘Willful misinterpretation’ – you nailed it.

      • ” Bob Rae, who admirably does not speak from a written script”.

        That’s pointing out Rae’s failures, by suggesting that they’re admirable?

        • He makes one complimentary remark before continuing to lay out for all to see that Bob Rae is a long winded blow hard whose inability to play within the rules means he has failed to finish a question almost 50% of the time and all you get out of it is that Wherry is praising him. And by the way, in a world of meat puppets regurgitating canned speeches by nameless faceless backroom opeatives, yes, it is admirable when a politician routinely speaks for themselves. BUT, as Wherry pointedly observes, Rae is clearly indulging his ability far too much, to the detriment of his objectives. Sheesh.

    • Um, he’s criticizing Rae here, “Rick”.

      • ” Bob Rae, who admirably does not speak from a written script”.
        Ya, that’s a real scathing critique.

        Wherry can’t even criticize Rae without throwing undue praise at him.