Borrowing the podium -

Borrowing the podium


Gary Lunn continues to suggest the federal government won’t make up the funding shortfall for Own the Podium after the Vancouver Olympics. Here is how Roger Jackson, CEO of Own the Podium, has explained the likely result of such a shortfall.

“We would lose about 60% of our funding, we would lose about 120 coaching and sports science positions,” says Jackson, who had already been forced to lay off 37 sports scientists. “The number of disciplines that we’re currently funding right now are about 16; the number we could support in the future would be half that, probably seven or eight. The Top Secret program, all of the new technologies that we’ve been working with, the people we’ve trained, will disappear.”


Borrowing the podium

  1. Well I propose that Tim Hortons, who has so successfully co-opted Canada and its flag for marketing purposes should put up the dough. After all, they will benefit as much as any corporation would with the success of Canadian athletes and the resultant uptick in patriotism. Yes, I am upset with Tim Hortons for their advertising tactics, and yes I am not a big fan of their brew.

    • The Snow Cone of Silence must not be working.

  2. really?….
    isn’t that nice,huh?
    the goverment has just become another corporation where the bottomline is the only line that matters.
    so they’re kicking own the podium because it’s a money loser…
    get use to the phrase ex-Canadian athelete who now trains/lives in and competes for fill-in the blank country….maybe next games we’ll beat Malta and Kyrgistan for medals

  3. has anyone noticed the ususal crowd of harper haters are all over the map on this one first they blame whatever on Harper and Own The Podium and then they trun around and complain about not increasing the funding for Own The Podium … hmmm .. starting to smell a bit like hypocrisy to me folks.

  4. Anyone know what the difference is? I know the Government is committed to the $11m they themselves had been chipping in.

  5. Frankly, I'm not generally in favour of public funding for elite athletics.

    However, to announce in the midst of the Olympic games — being held in our own damn country, no less — that the government is cutting such funding by roughly one-half is unspeakably crass, cruel and just stupid. We now have coaches working the games who can reasonably expect to soon be unemployed and competing athletes who may lose their coaching. For gawd's sake, it was totally unnecessary to make these announcements this week.

    Everything with this government is pure politics. So, what to conclude as to Harper's motivation? A deliberate attempt to take advantage (i.e., be on the right side of) of expected public disappointment and frustration with medal totals? Another petty wedge issue for the base? Just trying to look like fiscal conservatives for a bloody change? Yet another unforced political error?

    Regardless of whether they are right or wrong on the issue, once again Harper and minions come out looking mean, petty and out of touch.

  6. American athletes receive little if any federal government funding, and they seem to do pretty well. Is there some law preventing Canadians from donating to Olympic sports programs, or corporations from sponsoring athletes, that I am not aware of? Maybe Rick Mercer could do what his American counterpart Colbert did and fork out some sport coin from his own pocket.

  7. Who knows – maybe Canadian companies will eagerly cough up the $11 million or so. But I don't think it makes sense for the government cut back this funding. It's a relatively trivial amount. Look how much Australia spent to build a first-rate team of summer Olympic medal contenders, and look at the value they got for their investment.

  8. Is it even possible to fund something privately in Canada? Does anything exist here that is not supported by the government? Does anybody even try?

  9. We need this funding. We need this for the youth coming up. Those people that have experienced the 2010 Olympics. This is culture that does bring this country together. We already have athletes coming up that will need our help. If by stopping funding what happens to them. And what happens to the youth coming out of schools. If they have no support where do they go. They leave this country and go where they have the support. They don't give back to us.

    There are so many athletes that have given there lives, careers to live there dream and are giving back and helping others, making a difference.

    Yes the governments should put money in Sports, they waste money's in other places that is just like flushing it down the toilet. This gives us pride, idenity, and above all something for future youth too look up to and follow.