Brad Trost and friends are going to be furious


David Akin gets hold of a complete list of government funding for gay and lesbian individuals and activities.

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Brad Trost and friends are going to be furious

  1. Personally, I think that Monte Solberg wrote in his blog the appropriate Conservative response here.
    It's a personal choice about whether or not the government should be funding parade-type events, but there is no way that Ablonczy should be punished for it, lobby group outrage be damned.

  2. Nothing for the Tory caucus?

  3. Stimulus money for sewers, waterworks, transportation or hockey rinks, YES. Money for festivals, during an economic meltdown or at any time, NO.

    • I"m gonna guess that about 15 times as many Canadians paid for hotel rooms, meals and cameras to attend festivals this summer as did the same to attend hockey or look at sewers during the same period. But don't let that stop you.

      • Ken's point isn't invalid though (if I understand it)… money for infrastructure is a long-term, lasting effect. As you've pointed out yourself Inkless, the stimulus money going to the festivals this year is so late in coming that it's highly doubtful it will result in more tourists.

        Done well in advance, you can drive tourism through Gov't funds, as was shown with Quebec City's 300th anniversary.

        • 400th!