Brave voices for the status quo -

Brave voices for the status quo


Peter MacKay and Tim Uppal join Rod Bruinooge and Patrick Brown in opposing changes to the national anthem.

Dean Del Mastro is open-minded.


Brave voices for the status quo

  1. Harper did promise more free votes. He's finally found an issue where he can abide by that.

  2. I think we should stop being distracted by trivia, and pay attention to what's in the budget.

    • Or not in it, as the case may be. Seconded.

  3. As if it was ever anything more than a distraction, a wafer for the media to pounce on, ask the man in the street, Tim Horton's table talk….throw the media a bone to pick. ha

    • The fact that this all-advised initiative was written into the Speech from the Throne yet came entirely out of the blue might lead one to conclude that Harper has a hidden agenda.

      That you categorise it as an intentional distraction indicates misrepresentation at best, at worst it screams; Hidden Agenda! Hidden Agenda!

    • much like prorogation…..