British Columbia cabinet shuffle: excellent news!…


..Murray Coell stays on as Minister Responsible for Consummately Screwing Up Higher Education.


British Columbia cabinet shuffle: excellent news!…

  1. Consummately – like the soup?

  2. On the plus side, we British Columbians have the distinct pleasure of once again having Bill Bennett sitting around the cabinet table, following 16 months in the penalty box. The cause of political entertainment was just advanced considerably. (And as minister of the arts, no less. I wonder if he’ll have to go to an opera at some point.)

  3. I don’t pretend to understand Campbell’s thinking on this one.
    Maybe Campbell believes that a Minister disliked by all stakeholder groups in his portfolio must be doing a good job?
    Even young Liberals I talk to aren’t happy with the minister’s performance – and some of these people believe Campbell is the best spokesperson for responsible driving.

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