BTC: ‘Duh duh duh duh duh’


From the end of the NDP leader’s scrum today.

Reporter: Mr. Layton, there’s talk that CBC may cancel the theme music for Hockey Night in Canada, you know the duh duh duh duh duh —

Jack Layton: What do you mean do I know?

Reporter: What do you think?

Jack Layton: It’s kind of second to the national anthem. Why would they do that? 

Reporter: (Inaudible)

Jack Layton: Why would they? Oh my God. Well, I think we need an emergency debate in the House of Commons. I think we need to mobilize Canadians in defence of that amazing tune that just gets our blood coursing through our veins. It’s a signature. It’s the musical signature of who we are. How dare they? That music belongs to the people. I call on Canadians to rise up and sing. 

Reporter: Okay. Thank you.


BTC: ‘Duh duh duh duh duh’

  1. Too bad the BC “Human Rights” Commission is only taking away freedom of speech. If it was something important, like a hockey jingle, more Canadians might take notice.


  2. we all know that hockey matters to this nation far more than any other silly ‘issue’.

  3. I myself cant believe that would cancel the hockey song….I never go on e net to complain about things but, canceling the song just really got to me. I will do almost anything to voice my opinion on the subject. THE SONG MUST STAY…..

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