BTC: How Andrew Coyne is like Barack Obama


From David McGuinty’s scrum this afternoon.

“Wait, if you wait until, if you wait until tomorrow, you’re going to get a very good and solid breakdown on how we intend to price carbon, where we intend to price carbon, what it’ll apply to, over what phased-in period.  It’s a very, very intelligent and well crafted plan.  And that is why Mr. Harper is so desperately afraid of the growth capacity for this idea.  It’s a coalition in Canadian society.  We have David Suzuki agreeing with Andrew Coyne, we have David Frum agreeing with Elizabeth May.  The right and the left, those old clichés of the past are over when it comes to dealing with the only atmosphere we have. 

“They’re desperately afraid of the fact that a new groundswell coalition in Canadian society is coming up saying you know what?  We want to hear more about this because the status quo isn’t going to take us there and they aren’t going to take us there.  And everybody knows it.  Eleven independent groups have looked at the plan and said it’s nonsense.  Stop playing.  If they’re so sure about their plan, then why aren’t they actually presenting it?”


BTC: How Andrew Coyne is like Barack Obama

  1. David Suzuki and Andrew Coyne agreeing on what exactly? Throwing our Prime Minister in jail for not meeting Kyoto targets? Say it isn’t so Andrew.

    Given his uncanny ability for resolving our most difficult problems within impossible deadlines, perhaps Mr. Suzuki could tell the nation how he plans on finding a cure for cancer by say July 1st, 2008. A plan to end all traffic accidents by next Friday would also come in handy.

  2. Wow. CONs grasping at straws. Who’d of thunk… But they are paying you by the post, right?

  3. Dan,

    Its hard to take your lack of imagination seriously.

    The Conservative Speaking Notes angle is getting a little old, as is your use of capital letters to emphasize your obvious distaste for “the CONservative party”.

    Presumably, you prefer to be “conned” by the Liberal party, with whom you take no exception when they steal $100 million from the treasury or promised to eliminate the GST only to find themselves fighting to save it years later.

    Perhaps you’d be more comfortable avoiding elections altogether by ticking off Liberal on your tax return every four years? This way you’d have more time to post recurrent allegations of conservative conspiracies and more opportunity to overuse capital letters.

  4. Well Brian, i do love the fact that our governments have proceeded to reduce the national debt, and that we have built a strong network of social services that meet the needs of Canadians. I’ll give credit to the Cons (oops, my cap-key came unstuck) when they continue these trends. So far, its hanging by a thread, tho.
    But as for lack of imagination, your ‘100 million’ bluster is getting stale, too. Sort of like the 2Billion gun registry — hey, you don’t need Sheila Fraser’s numbers to spin a line. Now that your team is stumbling and bumbling i think it’s appropos that you be able to take some hits, too.
    However, your guys continue to lead in the cheap shot department, as evident in their ‘attack at all costs’ nature.

  5. Conservative Speaking Notes(tm)? I thought they cut out the notes because slogans are much easier to remember and repeat… Will you be tricked by a talking glob of oil(tm) in a cartoon? Maybe it will help capture the Batman(tm) vote, I don’t know.

    Liberal party? Not much party about it. Condemn the government, those evil this-and-thats, ruining Canada’s good name, etc. But we won’t stop them (no matter how much perceived damage those evil Cons do).

    Both ‘parties’ are full of shift ™(Canada’s New Government). Spin. Rhetoric. Demeaning to the intelligence of Canadians.

    And with the respect the Cons are showing parliamentary committees, both parties are in opposition now.

    Both help big pharma I am sure though… no wonder our country is so medicated. I’ll stick to my Tums(tm).

    If you want a good laugh, you should listen to CFRA… touches on the assumption that Canadian’s are stupid and verbatim Canada’s New Government(tm) speaking slogans.

  6. I read the responses and sigh……..

    One sounds as bad as the other.

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