BTC: If they wanted her once, they don’t now


As to Julie Couillard’s claim of once being approached to run for the Conservatives, an e-mail was sent to the party earlier today seeking comment. The response from spokesman Ryan Sparrow: “To my knowledge she was not approached.”

This seemed a slight equivocation. So a follow-up e-mail was dispatched.“Are party officials investigating her claim? Or have they investigated her claim?”

The response to this: “She was not approached.”

So there is a clear denial. Ms. Couillard or her representatives are welcome to come forward at this point with evidence to support her claim.


BTC: If they wanted her once, they don’t now

  1. I don’t know if it counts if it was Bernier saying, “You know, you should try running. It’s an easy job, and Stephen doesn’t care how bad you do so long as people don’t find out about anything illegal. And.. we’d have more time together..”

  2. If Ryan “The Stairwell Sneak” Sparrow says “She was not approached” than it must be true, after all, he’s got nothing to hide…..does he?

  3. She said she met Bernier because she had been approached to run and friend said she should discuss with Bernier to seek advice.

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