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John Baird, champion of civil discourse.

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BTC: Oxymoronic

  1. Oh please. Reading the story, it’s a bit of a lame stretch to take a shot at John Baird here, especially when it’s generally so easy to do so…

  2. I have to agree with Emmett. Don’t quite get this one. There’s one quote from Baird in the piece, and it’s not even championing “civil discourse”.

    However, Garth Turner — probably the most shameless MP of the bunch — appears to get a complete pass. And he’s the topic of the article. Interesting.

  3. Oh, please. Baird’s an obnoxious pit-bull. That screaming meemy would be charged with incitement if he recited The Lord’s Prayer in public.

  4. WTF, I get you hate Harper and the conservatives, but at the very least try to make sense while doing it.

    When you can predict that whatever you write is some lame attempt at hating on Harper with bad humor and crap writing you should head the the star.

    Come on macleans get a Harper hater who’s writing is actualy funny and witty. Not some guy who thinks he is.

  5. Come on macleans get a Harper hater who’s writing is actualy (sic) funny and witty.

    How’s about we get a Conservative who isn’t humourless? Let’s start there.

  6. Just passin’ through, can you tell us exactly what you’ve added to the substance of this thread? Or are we all supposed to consider your remarks humorous and just leave it at that? Just wondering.

  7. John Baird…. likes? separatists?

  8. Dennis, passive aggressive much?

  9. The reason Baird deserves mention here is that he made himself available to comment on someone else’s decorum (when his own shortcomings in this regard are well documented) but has been unavailable for comment about the Climate Change plan he is supposed to be accountable for.

    That’s a kind of hypocrisy that bears notice, and you can hardly blame Aaron Wherry or any other media commentator for doing their job in pointing it out.

  10. Good to see John Baird actually responding to something publicly for a change.

    I am so damn sick of Van Loan and Poilievre. I thought John Baird was on an extended leave of absence or something.

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