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Peter Van Loan took another 22 questions in Question Period today. And not just on matters of Maxime Bernier and unrelated scandal—he also took queries on economic development in northern Ontario and mining.

This after taking fully 20 questions during the previous evening’s committee of the whole on Foreign Affairs (dutifully live-blogged by our Kady). Indeed, this week the government House leader has obfuscated morning, afternoon and night.

Herein, some of the highlights of his prime time performance last night. The last one is damn near profound.Mr. Chair, in terms of whatever they may have done as companions, we will not get into people’s private lives. Mr. Chair, the hon. member says that the individual was designated as an official spouse. I am unfamiliar with that term. In order to answer the question, I would appreciate it if he could explain to me how one gets designated as an official spouse or what exactly that means.

Mr. Chair, the question has been anything but clear and direct. First, there was some strange status called the designated official spouse that I had never heard of, and then it became designated traveller under the Board of Internal Economy, which has nothing to do with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

The member continues to ask me very bizarre questions about things that have very little to do with the Department of Foreign Affairs

On the issue of invitations, I am married but I do not know what invitations she gets from the government. Any invitations with which I am familiar have been for me and a guest if I wish to bring a guest. That is my experience on how these things tend to occur.

I have indicated that there are standards that must be upheld. The standards are quite clear and in this case the standards were not upheld. It was the failure to uphold those standards that resulted in the resignation of the minister. That is a very serious price to pay and it is a consequence of the standards not being followed. It is not a failure of the standards. It is a consequence of the standards not being followed that led to the resignation.

It is not the fault of the rules that they were broken.

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BTC: PVL After Dark

  1. I am developing a whole new appreciation and respect for Mr. Van Loan as I do not know if I could keep attemtping to answer such obviously overly dramatic, hyperbole laden and at times downright disrespectful so called questions that more often than not have already been answered if indeed they are questions at all. But then again I am forgetting myself for Question Period really has little to do with the asking and answering of questions and more media snippets for the news. One thing I have always been curious about is why do people keep track of 10 questions to so and so about such and such … what is this all about too much time on their hands?

  2. Yes, but they’re lying, Wayne. Everyone knows they’re constantly lying to us and hiding things and trying to distract from all the mistakes they’re making.

    If you keep asking a question and over time you get different answers, as more facts are revealed and they scramble to plug the hole, then isn’t it worthwhile to keep asking the question?

    How can you respect people that act like this?

  3. Why do “people” keep track of such things as the number of questions Wayne?

    I know of no one other than Mr. Wherry with this column, and I think he should be congratulated. You say yourself that Question Period tends to be reduced to media snippets yet here we have a column designed to go beyond the seven second clip and show what Canadians would see if they actually sat in the gallery and you criticize that? Yours is an odd argument in that it undermines itself.

  4. Greg : if you actually read what I posted it was not a criticism but a statement of fact. Then I posited a question. God forbid I love and I mean love Question Period that is when Harper answers one from Iggy have you seen how those guys look at each other the only other thing more fascinating is when Dion is speaking and the camera pans over to Iggy – damn I am glad I am not Dion because if looks could kill! What is more curous is why I am starting after all the years as I can not remember ever missing a Question Period (it’s my guitar practise time)

  5. Gee, I’ve always wanted Canada to have its own Rumsfeld.

    There are some rules we don’t know we don’t know.

  6. How soon these liberals forget the Sheila Anne of the Canadian Steamship Lines with 83 kilograms of cocaine and Power Corp. food for oil. Now is the CIA missing a Gulfstream jet that crashed last September in Mexico with nearly 4 tonnes of cocaine? Hows does that antem go, we stand on guard for thee or something like that? Biker Chic or mob boss?

  7. Hey Guess What,
    that’s the ol’ CON talking points. Didn’t you get today’s version?
    As to the relevance to OUR government, your diversion and lying has little to do with what goes on in the bedroom or house of debate in our nation.

  8. Gee, having QP like wrestling match is just so impressive to some…sigh…

    Well, Trudeau said “bedrooms of the ‘nation’, not bedrooms of the state.

    When security and stupidity are involved you betcha it’s our business. We don’t need the sleazy details, but we sure as hell need to know our government is careful about who’s hands get on confidential info – especially since 9/11.

    So, PVL admits she’s not Bernier’s wife or common law wife – so, how much did her gallaventing cost the taxpayers?

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