BTC: Say goodnight, Boo Boo (Day Three) -

BTC: Say goodnight, Boo Boo (Day Three)


Not to dwell unnecessarily on this question of timing, but compare these two sentences.

First, from Mr. Bernier’s statement today. “Last Monday, I informed the prime minister of my resignation as Canada’s minister of foreign affairs as soon as I became aware of a security breach whereby I forgot confidential government documents at Ms. Julie Couillard’s residence.”

Then, from the letter of resignation distributed Monday night by the PMO. “I informed you late this afternoon that last night I became aware that I had left behind classified government documents at a private residence.”

Is there any reading by which both those statements can be true?


During Question Period on Wednesday, Stockwell Day ridiculed Ujjal Dosanjh for daring to ask whether CSIS and the PMO had discussed Mr. Bernier. It would be entirely inappropriate to comment, the Public Safety Minister declared. Then he told Canadian Press that no meeting took place.


NDP defence critic Dawn Black comes forward with shocking new allegations of improper paperwork filing. “He was in the aisle seat, I was in the window seat. I could clearly read the exposed parts of the document – as I’m sure the folks across the aisle from him could too.”


Liberal Pablo Rodriguez laments the lack of Quebecois flare in Conservative caucus. “”Quebec’s representation in cabinet was already weak – and it is worse today. I don’t see how they are going to compensate for that. There is no depth in their Quebec caucus. I don’t see who he (Prime Minister Steven Harper) could name to cabinet. This week, Quebec has once again been weakened.”


The Star clarifies Ms. Couillard’s claim to Conservative candidacy. “According to both Conservative party sources in Quebec and comments by Julie Couillard, Bernier’s companion until earlier this year, the real estate agent and former model was sounded out about her interest in running for the party in 2007. Though it appears she was never formally interviewed or vetted by the party’s candidate recruitment committee in Quebec – the members of which have since been replaced – sources say Couillard was contacted by a former party organizer of her acquaintance who asked if she’d be interested in running.”


Former clerk of the Privy Council Mel Cappe assesses the reputational damage done. “It’s a two-day wonder in Washington and London, but there are some people whose job it is to worry about this stuff. Those people are not going to forget it.”


Security analyst Wesley Wark sniffs at cabinet secrecy. “”Civil servants have the fear of God bred into them in terms of handling sensitive information. The rules are a little more loosey-goosey when it comes to Cabinet ministers.”


Elsewhere… The Parti Quebecois Liberal Party of Quebec, at the behest of the PQ, is having to explain its links to Ms. Couillard. The Italians are finding this all rather entertaining. McGill professor Richard Schultz declares Bernier a “courageous” Industry Minister. Concludes Terence Corcoran: “Mr. Bernier’s choice of women obviously isn’t up to his economic values.” Reuters says the cabinet shuffle will be small. Canwest says Jim Flaherty wishes to stay in Finance. And the Guelph Mercury puts in a good word for Michael Chong.


BTC: Say goodnight, Boo Boo (Day Three)

  1. Aaron,

    I think you should make one small change to your blog – – the Liberal Party of Quebec is having to explain its links to Ms. Couillard. Otherwise, great blog!

  2. Made the Tabs in Italy! Woohoo, time for a tourism campaign! Maybe we could hire a certain spokesmodel. New slogan for attracting Euros:

    Canada … Anyone who loves her gets in trouble.

  3. Let me see how can both statements be true is the question. Well let me see maybe because they are. Here is scenarion one. Bernier watches Julie on TV (between you and me wouldn’t you) … can’t sleep very well the gets up in morning goes to office and looks in his inbox – oops! there it is great big red envelope with his name on it – either reaches out or waits until staffer contacts and hears the words – yeah we got this file from Julies Lawyer last night – oops! bottom of world falls out. Resigns and PM goes to Europe (I love this timing) story over – opposition starts all the usual ranting and raving after all that’s what they get paid for – sounds like something like that could happen to me? But then again something like this wouldn’t sell subscriptions.

  4. Wayne… With all due respect, I’m not sure I can reconcile the leaps of time travel that would be necessary for your scenario to be within the realm of reality.

  5. …that’s just not true!

    It’s a honey pot thing, and you’re just ticked you didn’t think of it first, in order to solve third world hunger and make bad people behave more nicely, because they’re just a little bit stoned….

    Be nice, booboo, or you’ll not get any more Christmas pens!…or cards.

    …talk about giving a girl a complex!

    Who else cares enough about you to tell you you look like an idiot?